The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Tad turns to Jake for help, Amanda tries to help, and Colby's video goes viral.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly. image

At the hospital, Amanda expresses her desire to make things right, but Jake wants her to leave it alone. She wants to tell Cara and apologize, but Jake thinks it will make it worse. Amanda promises to be the best sister-in-law to Cara, but says that Tad knows she turned Cara in. Jake leaves to take care of a patient.


Tad surprises Cara with a dinner at his house so they can get to know each other better. He calls it a first date and working dinner all rolled into one. He pours some champagne, but she feels like she's asking a lot from him. He tells her to just clink and drink. They sit down and Tad goes over all his marriages and life experiences. He talks about Dixie and admits he still talks to her. He then goes on about his kids and then tells Cara it's her turn. Cara wants to wait for the second date for that because she's not comfortable putting herself out there. He isn't either, but he wants to know the good, the bad, and the ugly about her. She talks about her childhood and Doctors Without Borders. When he asks about her romantic history, she gets uncomfortable and admits Jake was the only man in her life. He needs the details in case Agent Trumble asks, but Cara runs out, right past Jake. Tad tells his brother if Cara can't answer his questions then he has to. He asks, "Why did I fall in love with your ex-wife?" Jake tells Tad Cara was fearless and took a lot of risks. He says she was great with her patients in Doctors Without Borders and treated them all like they were family. She sang everywhere, but she was terrible. Tad notes he loved every second of it. Jake points to the moment he knew he was in love and could love Cara forever. He then brings up Amanda rating out Cara. Jake wonders why Tad didn't tell him, but says he's trying to make it okay. Tad tells him Amanda was just afraid of losing him. Jake admits a lot of memories have been stirred since Cara came to town, but he loves his wife and his ex-wife is all Tad's.


Amanda finds Cara at the hospital. She says she wants to be friends and get to know her, but Cara is tired of people asking her questions. She just wants to go somewhere and help people. Amanda tells her she can't leave because she could be killed and explains how wonderful it is to be part of the Martin family. Cara softens and thanks her. Amanda declares she really does want her to be safe.


Jake and Amanda meet up in the park. She tells him how much she wants to make this right. He says they are all trying to make it work and kisses her.


Cara returns to Tad's house and apologizes for running out. She then rattles off a list of things she likes and offers to answer any questions he has. She will even bust out a song or two if he's lucky because she's a damn fine singer. They pull out the camera so they can produce photos to the feds if need be. Jake and Amanda enter as Cara kisses Tad for the camera. Jake's face falls a bit.


Opal asks Caleb to join her at Krystal's. She lists her many attributes in the business world. She tells him she needs more than just looking after her grandbabies. She wants her hand in Palmer's legacy and tells him she will be his new partner. Caleb is confused, but Opal says she will pick up the slack now that Erica has quit.


At ConFusion, Jack tells Erica he's happy she will be quitting Cortlandt. She breaks it to him that she didn’t quit because it's too soon for her to walk away. She learns something new every day at Cortlandt. Jack wonders what she learned from kissing Caleb. Erica promises it didn’t mean anything, but to Jack it means she kept yet another secret. He tells her they are in trouble and it is not getting any better. She explains she kissed Caleb because she was vulnerable regarding Kendall. He can't get over all the secrets and wonders what chance they have. Erica thinks they have every chance and says he is the only man she loves. Krystal walks up and sees them. Jack tells Erica it seems like she's trying to hold on to Caleb and then walks over to talk to Krystal. Erica later talks with Krystal at the bar. She makes snide comments about always popping up around Jack. Krystal reminds her they are working together, but when Jack needs her the only place she will be is right by his side. They exchange catty comments until Jack returns. Krystal leaves and Erica tells him to fire Krystal immediately. Jack wonders why she thinks she can dictate who he can work with. Erica retorts he's doing the same with Caleb. He fires back that it's not about Krystal or Caleb, but that they are as far apart as two people can be. Erica urges him to trust her and that she loves him, but Jack isn't sure he can anymore.


Asher finds Colby freaking out after accidentally posting her confession online. He takes it down, but notes there were a few hits on it. He apologizes again for not telling her about Damon and Liza. She tells him to stop wasting his time on her. Damon sends Colby a message online, but she responds to him telling him to never contact her again. She tells Asher she's done with guys because she's done getting her heart broken. Colby later panics as she discovers her video went viral.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Bianca goes against Marissa's advice.

Diane questions Griffin.

Tad and Cara are questioned.

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