Bye, Bye Pine Valley.

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Annie flees with Emma, Bianca advises Erica, and Asher makes a move on Colby.

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Colby tries to leave the beach house, but Asher has been instructed to keep her there until JR has Annie under control. He suggests they play poker to pass the time. Colby resists at first, but then agrees to a game of strip poker. She gets Asher down to his boxers and when it's her turn to take off her top, she makes him cover his eyes and then runs out of the house with keys to the car.

At the station, David runs into Liza and points out that it's Valentine's Day. He asks her out for drink, unless she already has plans. Liza tells him he will never know and walks away.


JR breaks down the attic door and finds Marissa passed out. He picks her up and carries her downstairs. She comes to and tells him to call the police because Annie could go after anyone. They think about AJ and Marissa calls Opal to make sure he is okay. JR calls Ryan and leaves a message to tell him to keep an eye on Emma. JR then goes to look for Annie and Marissa tags along.


Jack takes photos of Greenlee and Ryan at ConFusion, as Annie tries to get Emma to come with her. Emma wants to take photos and eat cake, but Annie leads her daughter away. After photos and food, Jack and Krystal leave and Ryan looks for Emma. Ryan and Greenlee panic when they can't find her and when Ryan grabs his phone he listens to JR's voicemail.


Jack and Krystal head to Krystal's. They joke around and he thanks her for making him laugh, because he really needed it. David walks in and finds Liza at the bar. She brings up Greenlee and Ryan's wedding, but he says he is done chasing people who have moved on. He hopes she has too. He downs his drink, wishes her a happy Valentine's Day and leaves. Colby runs in and tells Liza what just happened. She wants Annie arrested and Liza immediately puts that in motion. Colby tells her mother she wants to get out of Pine Valley and is going to see Damon. Liza doesn’t think that's a good idea. As they debate it, Asher walks in and says it's a huge mistake. Colby heads outside to make travel arrangements, as Asher implores Liza to stop her from doing this fearing she will get hurt. Liza knows it's best not to tell her daughter what to do. Colby returns and Liza points out she will have to stay in town for a least a week to file charges against Annie. Liza leaves and Colby tells Asher she's booked on the next flight to L.A. so she will give her statement via email. Asher tries to convince her Damon is bad for her. Colby asks if he knows who Damon slept with. He plays it off and then says he doesn't want her to go see Damon. Colby thinks he will forget about her once JR puts him on another project. He tells her he can't get her out of his mind. He kisses her but she backs off and walks out.


As they walk through the park, Emma wants to stop and rest. Annie agrees, but just for a few minutes. David walks by as Annie tries to get a stubborn Emma off the bench. He questions what's going on and Annie starts to break down about Ryan finding out about the things she's done. David tells her she has nothing to worry about because he will take care of everything. Once Annie and Emma are gone, Liza finds David alone in the park. He tells her he's done his first good deed as a free man, adding, "What goes around comes around."


JR and Marissa go to the hotel room. JR explains that this is where Annie worked a lot of the time so she might have come there because she felt good there. Marissa looks around and finds one of JR's ties. She realizes the room was their "sex den" and that Annie wasn't as delusional as she thought. JR admits they are involved. Marissa grows furious and lashes out at him. Annie calls JR's phone while she's on the road, but she won't listen to what JR has to say and hangs up.

JR and Marissa return to the mansion and encounter a panicked Ryan.


As Annie drives, she tells Emma they are going on an adventure - just them and the open road.


Erica arrives at Kendall's house and finds Bianca who tells her Reese's plane was delayed. Conversation turns to Caleb, but Erica insists she doesn't have feelings for him because she is with Jack. She points out Caleb has backed off anyway and thinks maybe he misses his hermit-like life. Bianca wonders if maybe he's just sick of the games. Erica insists she's not playing games, but Bianca wonders why she keeps postponing the wedding and encourages her to let Jack be part of her life like he wants to be. Erica wonders if she's really talking about her own relationship. Bianca admits Reese's plane wasn't delayed, she never got on it. Bianca urges her mother to talk to Jack before it's too late.


Erica arrives at Krystal's and finds Jack at a table. She tells him it was a mistake for her not to go to the wedding. Krystal walks out with cake for her and Jack and sees Erica. She says she'll go get coffee and walks away. Erica accuses Jack of taking a date to the wedding. Jack corrects her, but says he'd like to continue his drama-free evening and leaves.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Bianca calls Reese.

Cara confronts Griffin about his feelings for Kendall.

Caleb asks Asher to move in with him.

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