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Monday, January 31st, 2011

Ryan sets David up, Kendall and Greenlee bond, and Annie is caught red-handed.

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After JR talks with the doctor on Annie's behalf, Marissa walks in with AJ who begs his dad not to get a divorce. Marissa and JR talk to their son and reassure him they will always be there for him.


Annie continues to unravel in her hotel room, as Dr. Burke from Oak Haven stops by. He says he was just checking in on her to make sure she was okay. She tells him she's fine and asks for his card in case she needs to talk. She then quickly shuts the door on him. Annie grabs a knife out of her drawer and then leaves.


Erica finds Caleb at Krystal's. He welcomes her home, but she tells him about David's blackmail. She wants him to know in case David goes through with his threats. He will do whatever he can to help her protect Kendall. Jack walks in and curtly tells Erica he didn't know she was back. Caleb steps away and Jack and Erica catch up. She then leaves as Annie walks in. Annie sees Caleb and realizes the divorce proceedings were canceled again. She asks if it was Marissa's idea, but Caleb wonders what business that is of hers. Caleb leaves and Krystal walks up to Annie to warn her away from Marissa and to stay out of her restaurant. Annie secretly grabs the knife in her purse and rattles on about how everyone thinks Marissa is so innocent and that she is so bad. After Annie has left, Krystal finds a frustrated Jack who vents about finding Erica with Caleb. He didn’t even know she was back in town. Krystal says if it was her, she wouldn’t have made any stops before coming home to him.


Annie heads over to the mansion and looks through the window to see JR, Marissa and AJ together. She imagines them talking about shipping Annie to Oak Haven so they can be together forever. Krystal drops by the mansion to tell JR and Marissa Annie is flipping out. JR defends her, but lets them know he called Annie's doctor from Oak Haven and he's got it under control. Marissa and Krystal walk away as Dr. Burke calls JR. He lets him Annie was resistant and from what he saw, he's concerned. Later, Natalia comes over to tell JR and Marissa they've hit a wall with the break-in.


Erica hightails it over to the hospital and finds that David's room is empty. Jesse walks in and tells her David is missing, but they are looking for him. Erica thinks they are better off if David is gone, but Jesse worries he could come after her and leaves to arrange protection for her. Erica sees Caleb and tells him she has to get to Kendall before David does.


At Fusion, Kendall has a flash of a gun and Erica. She isn't sure what it means but she's been feeling like there's something she is supposed to do. Something she forgot. Kendall realizes it has something to do with David, but Greenlee doesn't think they should think about David. Greenlee then asks if Kendall is ready to be pampered. They indulge in a spa day at Fusion and reminisce about starting up their business. Erica and Caleb stop by after the pampering is over. Erica tells them David is missing and she was worried about Kendall. Kendall wonders why.


On the roof of the hospital, Ryan taunts David and threatens to throw him off. Ryan pulls him away from the ledge and chuckles. He says he never intended to push him off the roof. David realizes Ryan wanted the cops to think he ran so they come after him and put him in jail. Ryan tells him to enjoy the fresh air while he's out there. Ryan gets a call from Greenlee asking if he's heard about David. He tells her everything is fine and he has faith in the PVPD. He hangs up and then leaves David on the roof for the cops to find.

Annie brings Emma to Krystal's to make it clear the proprietor can't tell her where she can and cannot eat. However, after Ryan walks in and sits with his daughter, Krystal tells Annie she is not welcome there. Annie gets Emma and they leave. Ryan asks what that was about and Krystal points out she and Annie don't get along. Ryan later makes a call to establish his alibi regarding David.

JR heads over to the hotel room and when he discovers Annie isn't there, he looks around and finds Marissa's stolen things. Annie walks in and JR confronts her.


Jesse and Brot walk on the roof. David insists Ryan brought him up there, but Jesse is intent on proving he's lying. Brot says Ryan's alibi check out . David wonders how he was supposed to escape from a roof, as a helicopter hovers and calls out to David. After Brot finds David's passport and a business card for the helicopter, Jesse orders Brot to cuff him.


After Greenlee gets off the phone with Ryan, Kendall wants to talk about the wedding and suggests she have it at her house. Erica asks to talk to Greenlee alone. She warns having the wedding at Kendall's will put her back in the hospital. The women debate it and then Kendall says she got a text that David's been caught. Kendall hopes her thoughts and dreams about him will stop. Erica and Caleb leave and Ryan arrives. Greenlee says she wants to get married at ConFusion and a jubilant Ryan says he doesn’t care, as long as they get married. Greenlee is suspicious and wonders what he did.

Kendall and Caleb go to ConFusion and talk about Kendall, as Jack walks in and sees them.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

David calls Kendall.

Erica tells Jack the truth.

Kendall collapses.

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