Fresh Starts.

Monday, January 24th, 2011

David accepts things, Annie pleads with JR, and Damon gets surprising news.

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Annie wants to talk to JR at the mansion, but he has to go to AJ's parent/teacher conference with Marissa. He promises they will talk later and implores her not to 'get all crazy' on him. She doesn't appreciate the reference, but he assures her he didn't mean it the way she took it. Marissa calls, but Annie grabs his phone, demanding that he talk to her instead of his ex. She vents about how difficult it is being kept a secret. She wants him to prove that she means something to him, by rescheduling the court date and finalizing the divorce. Marissa walks in the house and JR urges Annie to leave. He runs out to meet with Marissa, who tells him he missed the meeting with AJ's teacher. AJ got glowing reviews though and JR thinks it's because they've been model parents. Marissa asks if JR had a chance to reschedule the court date like he said he would, as Annie seethes from behind the door. JR tells her he'll take care of it and then Marissa asks JR to help her with something. JR heads back into the main room to Annie, who is furious JR lied about the court date. She begs him to do something to speed up the divorce because she feels like she's falling apart more everyday. He tells her he'll do it because he needs her as much as she needs him. He promises to make it happen today and leaves to help Marissa.


At Krystal's, Damon tells Tad he's heading to Washington D.C. to stay with a friend. Tad tells his son he's proud of him and is happy he won't be too far away. Tad says he'll throw him a party and Damon leaves to drop off a gift to thank Angie for all her help. Opal walks in and Tad catches her up. She wonders if Liza had anything to do with breaking Damon and Colby up.


Annie has lunch with Emma at Krystal's and learns Ryan and Greenlee are engaged. JR and Marissa walk in laughing and carrying boxes. Marissa walks away for a second and JR tells Annie they are helping with Damon's party. Marissa returns and hallucinates about JR and Marissa being together. After everyone has left the restaurant, Marissa closes up and continues to decorate, as Annie watches from outside the window. She walks in and while Marissa's back is turned, picks up a pair of scissors and walks towards her rival.


Ryan finds Liza and urges her to do the right thing in regards to David. He thinks she can show people who she really is and make her daughter proud. Ryan walks away and then Damon approaches. He tells Liza he's leaving town. Damon instructs Liza to attend the party Tad's throwing and to keep the secret for Colby's sake. Liza tells him she's sorry as he walks off. Tad is next to find Liza and implores her to send David to prison. Liza tells him David will await his trial in jail. She then says she made a few calls to help Damon get accepted into a law program. She gives Tad the information, but he notes it's in California. She doesn't want Tad to tell him she was involved and says it's up to him to even tell Damon about it. Opal walks up as Liza leaves and Tad tells his mother what Liza did for Damon.


Tad finds Damon in the park and tells him he has a spot in the law program at UC Davis. Damon is floored, but conflicted. Tad urges him to go out, live his life and kick ass in California. Damon says he wants to go.


In David's hospital room, he reminds Greenlee, despite her engagement, she is still married to him. She pulls out divorce papers for him to sign and says she wants to end things amicably. David reminds her that Ryan has hurt her before and he knows he will do it again. Greenlee will do whatever she can to hold on to what she and Ryan have. David thinks something else is bothering her, but she just hands him the divorce papers. Resigned, David says has to accept that they're finished and let her go. Ryan walks by as Greenlee hands David a pen. He watches as David signs and then walks away. Greenlee tells David she's grateful for him and pleads with him not to waste his second chance. She knows there's good in him and she wants him to have a fresh start. She hugs him and thanks him for not fighting her on this. Greenlee walks into the hallway into Ryan's arms, as David watches. Liza stops by and tells David when he's strong enough he will be transferred to prison to await his trial. David confides in her about pushing Greenlee away. Liza reminds him Marissa hasn't left him, since she volunteered to be his lawyer. David thinks if his daughter gave him a second chance, maybe Colby will do the same for her. Liza is stunned David heard everything she said while he was in a coma. David says she's been a very bad girl, but assures his only friend her secret is safe with him.


Ryan and Greenlee go home where Ryan tells her pick a wedding date. Greenlee wants to do it on Valentine's Day so they can replace the bad memories with good ones.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

JR is startled by Annie's behavior.

Some of Cara's past is revealed.

Damon rejects Colby.

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