Christmas In Pine Valley.

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Pine Valley celebrates Christmas, Kendall is visited by Father Clarence and Madison falls.

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Frankie brings Angie to the station to wish Jesse a Merry Christmas since he has to work. Angie signals the rest of the gang, Natalia, Madison, Brot and Randi, to enter with a Christmas celebration for him. Frankie and Randi corner Madison who knows she has to make a decision about the baby soon. Toasts are made, but when Angie asks Madison if there is anything she's thankful for, she just says she has to go to Kendall's and leaves. Everyone disperses and Angie tells Brot and Natalia she can tell they are together now so they can drop the act. Jesse assures them they can fess up and he won't transfer either one of them. They smile and admit they are dating and quickly make their exit, as Angie and Jesse celebrate the holiday with a kiss.


In her hotel room, Annie gives JR, who is planning on meeting with Marissa, his Christmas present, which is handcuffs. She slaps them on and tells him he isn't going anywhere. She wants him to stay with her, but he also gives her a gift to prove how much he wants to be with her. He promises to make time for her tomorrow and then gets a call from Marissa. JR hangs up, kisses Annie and leaves.


After walking in their door, Greenlee imagines Ryan and Madison celebrating the holiday with their new baby. Ryan notices she's quiet and thanks her for being so understanding about Madison lately. She reminds him she is no saint because she wants what she wants when she wants it. And what she wants is to be with him. As Ryan tries to talk more about Madison, Annie stops by to see Emma and Greenlee abruptly leaves.


Griffin and Cara discuss whether or not she's really over Jake at the hospital. Griffin doesn’t believe it, so Cara says she will go to the Martin party just to prove she can be around Jake and not be affected.


The Martins and Careys gather at Krystal's where Amanda informs everyone she invited Cara and Griffin to the celebration. Damon tells Tad and Colby he's applying to college to study pre-law. Tad is thrilled and expresses how proud he is of him. Colby on the other hand doesn't know what to say. She thinks it sounds like he's becoming her mother's clone. She leaves to go home, but assures him they are okay. Amanda hounds Jake about his present for her, as Griffin and Cara enter. Amanda greets them, as Jake looks less than thrilled. Griffin and Cara present the group with tequila and tamales, because Cara makes the best ones. As Griffin involves the kids in his meal preparations, Tad wonders aloud to Jake if this is the strangest Christmas ever. Jake agrees it's pretty odd. Later, Jake gives Amanda a gift, which is a diamond broach of a parrot to commemorate their pirate night. Toasts are made and Cara sadly takes note of Jake and Amanda's coziness.


JR, Marissa, Colby and AJ convene at the mansion so AJ can open his presents. Marissa gives JR her Christmas present to him, which is that she is petitioning for joint custody, not primary. He's stunned and admits he made a huge mistake. He apologizes and then gives her a gift, which is a broach that looks just like an ornament she helped AJ make last year. She tells him it's beautiful and he says, "So are you." Annie walks in and spies on JR and Marissa sharing a toast. She has to leave to meet someone, but won't tell him who it is. He gives her a kiss on the cheek, which Annie spies. Annie hides as Marissa walks out the door. Annie walks in the room and learns about the gift Marissa gave him. She kisses him thinking they can finally be together.


Marissa goes to the prison to visit Scott. She says she has a present for him, but all he wants is a get out of jail free card.


At home, Kendall wakes from a dream, where she steps into a bright light, to Erica and Jack who ring the doorbell. Erica says she knows Kendall isn't in the mood to celebrate, but Kendall embraces her mother, glad they are there. Kendall tells her family how hopeful she feels after her dream and that she's ready to celebrate. Jack goes to get her a tree and Erica calls Bianca and the girls to join them. Bianca arrives with Miranda and Gaby. Erica takes the girls in the other room as Bianca notes how much better Kendall seems. Kendall tells her sister about her dream and Bianca recalls how magical Christmas Eve is and recalls meeting Father Clarence in the chapel when she was pregnant with Miranda. Kendall notes if there is any day for a miracle, Christmas Eve is it. Jack returns with the tree and Bianca and Miranda lead the family in their tradition of making a wish while decorating it. Kendall closes her eyes and silently asks for help in finding her way. Erica tries to question Bianca about Reese, but she avoids talking about her wife. Kendall brings Ian out to open some presents. The first one she gives him is from Zach. Ryan brings Spike and Emma to the party and Kendall gives Spike his present from Daddy Zach, which is Zach's Red Wings hat. Alone with Erica, Kendall opens her gift from Zach - his journal expressing how he felt about her. Once everyone has left, Kendall reads Zach's journal and then is visited by Father Clarence.


As Madison walks outside, she slips and falls on the ice, landing on her stomach. Greenlee passes by and sees her lying in the snow.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Madison makes her decision.

Father Clarence visits with both Kendall and Erica.

Caleb makes progress with Asher.

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