Use The Front Door Next Time.

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Annie's jealousy takes over, Angie gets advice and Madison tells Ryan she's made a decision.

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At Krystal's, Tad tells his ex he is investigating Cara. He then leaves to get to work on it. Marissa and AJ walk in. Marissa tells her mother she feels weird about spending the day with JR. She wants to believe JR is reaching out to make sure AJ has a good Christmas, but she's afraid to trust him. However, Marissa thinks she's seen a side of him she hasn’t seen in a long time – the man she fell in love with. She insists she doesn’t want to get back with JR, but Krystal urges her to protect herself.


Annie wakes up in the hotel to find JR fully clothed on the bed. He brought her a little Christmas tree and gives her a gift – which is in a small ring box. She gets excited, but is disappointed to find diamond earrings instead of a ring inside. He has to leave to pick out a Christmas tree with Marissa and leaves. As JR walks out, Tad sees him in the hallway. Back inside the room, Annie daydreams about spending New Year's Eve with JR and him proposing to her.


Tad meets JR at the mansion as he prepares to go meet with Marissa and AJ. Tad wonders what's going on with Annie at the Yacht Club. JR says they had a client coming in from Europe and they were meeting him there. Tad demands JR stop messing with Marissa. JR vows he will do nothing to hurt his family. He tells Tad he, Marissa and AJ will have a great time and if he doesn’t believe him than he can come along. Tad readily accepts and then they head off to get a tree with Marissa, Krystal, Jenny, AJ and Kathy. When the group returns, Annie watches from outside as JR makes nice with Marissa. After the gang heads outside to decorate, Annie sneaks in and finds the ornament JR gave Marissa. Tad returns and finds Annie. She says she and JR need to go over a press release, but Tad tells her JR is with his family. He tells her to use the front door next time and walks out. Annie picks up the ornament for Marissa and drops it, shattering it into pieces and leaves. JR and Marissa return and she can't believe he is the same person who is trying to take her son away from her. He knows he's made mistakes but he hopes one day she'll trust him. The rest of the group returns and Tad takes JR aside to tell him Annie was there. Tad warns him he can't be dedicated to doing what's best for his son with Annie peeking through the windows.


Annie returns in tears to her hotel room and throws the Christmas tree JR got her off the table. The tree is restored though when JR returns. He tells her everything is working out with Marissa so they will be a real couple soon. He wants her to trust him. She does, but she won't be able to handle it if he lets her down. He promises he won't and she says when they are really together she will have everything she's ever dreamed of. She gives him beaming smile, but when they hug, her smile fades.


Greenlee runs downstairs and finds that Ryan has put up a Christmas tree that includes notes on the branches, containing a surprise a day for her. Greenlee starts opening her surprises and pulls out a photo of her and Kendall. She wonders what the surprise is there. He tells her he's going to talk to Kendall and make things right.


Madison literally bumps into Angie at the hospital. She asks her about the baby and Angie gushes about it. Angie grabs Madison's hand and puts it on her belly. Madison feels the baby kick and then runs off. Angie then meets up with Greenlee, who talks about wanting to make up for the mistakes she's made with David. Despite Angie's feelings for the man, she will make sure he gets the best possible care. Greenlee gives her the papers relinquishing her from her duties as David's advocate. Angie assures her they will find someone to take over the responsibility. After Greenlee leaves, Angie meets with someone who helps visually impaired women prepare for a child. Angie expresses her fear that she might not be able to care for her own baby. The woman assures her she will be ready and will rely on her other senses. She'll also have help should she need it, but Angie wants to be able to handle things on her own. What will she do when the baby is mobile and can get into things? The woman tells her that's what baby proofing is for. Angie wonders who will baby proof her. She does ultimately think it's all possible and says her baby is in good hands.


Madison drops in on Ryan at his place to tell him about a decision she's made. Greenlee walks in and Madison says her decision is that she's leaving Fusion. Madison walks out, leaving Ryan worried. He gets a call from work though and heads upstairs to take it. Greenlee walks out to the hallway to tell Madison she is genuinely sorry for everything she's gone through, but she and Ryan are over. Greenlee suggests she move on with her life. Madison knows coming there was a mistake and promises it won't happen again. Greenlee returns to Ryan, who worries about Madison not having a job. Greenlee thinks it's for the best and that she will be okay. She then locks the door to hold Ryan hostage and kisses him.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Ryan tries to get through to Kendall.

Madison thinks she needs to get used to doing things on her own.

Jake remains rattled by Cara's presence.

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