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Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Brot gets through to Natalia, Amanda questions Griffin, Annie ruins JR's plans and Cara hits town.

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At the mansion, Annie wraps herself in gift wrap for JR. They make out but then the doorbell rings. JR stops kissing Annie because he thinks it could be Marissa. He scurries Annie out of the room as Marissa enters to discuss how they will divide AJ's family time at Christmas. JR shows her and ornament she helped AJ make. He tells her he took it everywhere when he was sick and that he only survived his cancer because of her.


Jake assures Tad he told Amanda everything about Cara and it's all good. Tad is skeptical. They walk the hallway and see Amanda talking with an impressively shirtless Griffin after his workout. Jake looks irked, but Amanda runs over to him and makes out with him. She takes off though because she has to meet with someone at the Miranda Center. Tad later finds Jake who is inquiring about getting a gym membership. Tad presses him about Griffin. Jake thinks he should treat this like an old wound and clean it up. Tad wonders how he plans to do this, but Jake doesn’t know. Once, Tad is gone, Jake recalls meeting Cara for the first time.


In a trench coat, covering her wrapping paper, Annie walks into Krystal's. Amanda tells her to come over and take her coat off. Annie reveals what's underneath her coat and tells her about secretly seeing JR. Annie feels like this is really 'it' this time, but Amanda has heard this before. Annie is convinced she and JR are the real deal, but Amanda wonders if she's okay with the secrecy. Annie says it's fine for now, but looks doubtful as she waits for JR to call. Amanda then tells Annie about Dr. Castillo and Cara. She admits part of the reason she's volunteering at the Miranda Center is to get the full story from Griffin. Annie has to leave and then Amanda sees Griffin walk in. She talks with him, but he gets a call about David and walks away from his table. Amanda sees something in Griffin's papers, which he notices when he returns. She wonders if he doesn't keep in touch with Cara, why is she his emergency contact?


Amanda follows Griffin to the hospital after he got paged. She wants to know the whole truth about Cara, but he thinks she's better off leaving it alone. Jake walks up to them and says he paged him about David but it was just a glitch in his machine. Jake then tells Griffin he should have done this sooner and welcomes him to Pine Valley Hospital. He adds without Griffin he never would have known where he was supposed to be or who he was supposed to be with.

Cara enters Krystal's restaurant.

Back at the mansion, JR tells Marissa he would like them all to spend part of the holidays together, even if it's just a small part. She doesn’t know if she can trust his new demeanor, but she agrees it would be good for AJ. He hugs her in thanks, as Annie walks in. Annie tells him she has some damage control issues to discuss that can't wait. Marissa gets a call and tells that person she's glad they called and she'll see them soon. JR is curious as to who Marissa was talking to. He wonders why Annie came back, saying her presence could have ruined his progress.

Outside the mansion, Marissa talks with Scott on the phone again and says she promised she'd help him and she will.


At the station, Natalia offers Brot her couch to sleep on because his place is being worked on. He doesn't want to put her out. Jesse walks in and chastises him for letting Ryan leave David's crime scene. Natalia sticks up for Brot, but Jesse's in a bad mood and reassigns them to a crappy detail.


On a rooftop staking out drug dealers, Natalia gets defensive with Brot. After some back and forth, Brot says he's tired of playing this game with her. He doesn’t want any part of her hot and cold attitude towards him. He's been through enough in his life, so the last thing he needs is to be with a woman who doesn’t know what she wants. Natalia admits she's scared and panics when she gets too close to him. He assures her he will never hurt her and kisses her. Natalia worries about the bad that could happen with relationships like what happened to Kendall or her mother. He tells her you can't plan what's going to happen – referencing what happened to him in Iraq. He doesn’t focus on the future. He focuses on today. Right now. And right now he's with this beautiful, bright, unbelievable woman who he knows likes him a lot. He suggests they go with that and kisses her again. Natalia gets a call from Jesse who apologizes for earlier. After the call, Natalia and Brot get back to smooching.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Kendall is suspicious of Griffin.

Jake and Amanda help Ryan and Greenlee move in together.

Cara meets Amanda.

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