See You In Hell.

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Kendall tries to cope, JR works Marissa and Erica warns Liza.

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At the hospital, JR pretends to make nice with a comatose David knowing that Marissa is listening in. After laying it on thick, JR walks out and tells Marissa he is sorry about everything. Once David is alone, Greenlee walks in his room to lash out at her husband for what he did to Kendall.


Marissa catches up with JR in the corridor. He tells her he knows what it's like to hate your father so much you don’t even want to see him. He doesn’t want that for AJ and he hopes they can put all their animosity aside and spend Christmas together. Seeing David like that made him grateful for the second chance at life he got and he doesn’t want to waste it. He wants to make things right and heal. He wants to meet at Krystal's to discuss the holidays and she agrees. He assures her she won't regret and turns to walk away with a smirk on his face.


JR meets Annie in a Yacht Club hotel room where they promptly start getting busy, until he tells her they have to make it quick because he has a date with Marissa. Annie tries not to overreact, but wonders what's going on. JR assures her it's totally innocent and that he is only working her to drop the custody suit. He then gets to work on seducing Annie. After they enjoy their romp, JR leaves to meet with Marissa.

Asher begrudgingly thanks Caleb for fixing his ticket at Wildwind. Caleb gets a call and leaves.

Outside the courtroom, Erica accuses Liza of going after her because she is jealous of her. She also thinks Liza is trying to save face from wrongly prosecuting Greenlee. She declares, "You will not bully Erica Kane and get away with it." When Erica is done with Liza, she will be lucky to find a job flipping burgers in the courthouse cafeteria. They walk inside the courtroom and Erica threatens Liza with exposing her shady relationship with the mayor and David. Caleb enters and stops Erica from saying anymore. Caleb and Liza exchange words and Liza leaves. Caleb sternly warns Erica this is not a game, so she shouldn't threaten the D.A. Erica defends her actions, as Jack joins them (after Caleb called him) and gets filled in.


Greenlee brings Kendall home and offers to stay with her, but Kendall wants her to leave. Greenlee wants to help her, but Kendall has to figure things out on her own. Greenlee doesn’t want to leave her, but Kendall snidely reminds her she has a husband in the hospital, so maybe she should go visit him. Greenlee leaves and Bianca stops by. Kendall doesn't really want to talk about California and says she has an errand to run. Bianca again asks Kendall to think about holding a service for Zach. Bianca assures her she will make all the arrangements and Kendall agrees. Bianca wants her sister to talk to her, but Kendall is all talked out. She is tired of crying; she needs to hang on and be strong for the boys. Bianca reminds her she doesn’t have to do it alone. Kendall hugs her sister and says, "Yes I do." Erica and Jack walk in the door. Erica asks if there is anything she can do for her, but Kendall just expresses her outrage at Erica being tried for attempted murder. Erica wants to focus on her, but Kendall says they need to have a little joy in their lives so they should plan her wedding. Jack and Erica think they should take this time to remember Zach, but Kendall wants them to live lives and love each other. They assure her they are already doing that but they have to get through the trial first before they can plan their wedding. Kendall is outraged that David lives while Zach is dead and urges them not to wait.


Jack meets Greenlee at Krystal's where they talk about Kendall. She then tells her father she wants a divorce from David as soon as possible. Jack is thrilled to hear it and thinks they should find someone to be David's medical advocate for right now. Greenlee doesn't want to do that just yet.


Greenlee returns to the hospital and sees Liza. As they talk, Kendall sneaks in to see David. She tells him she wants him in Hell so this whole thing can be over with. She closes the curtain, grabs a pillow and walks towards him.


Jack and Erica sit at ConFusion and discuss how right Kendall was, they should always remind each other how much they love each other. Caleb interrupts them with news that Liza wants to press charges against Erica.

Marissa walks into Wildwind and Caleb informs her they have a lot of work to do on Erica's case. Marissa is eager to work on it, but tells Caleb about JR's visit with David. She adds JR wants to meet to talk about the holidays. She knows Caleb probably doesn’t approve, but she wants to hear what JR has to say. Caleb thinks JR always has something up his sleeve and wants to make sure she knows what she's getting into.


JR and Marissa meet at Krystal's where JR pleads with his ex to help him give AJ a great Christmas while he still believes in Santa.

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