Love and faith and destiny

Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Zarf talks about destiny.

Adam has a question for Tad and Dixie.

Erica and Jack are back together.

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Instead of a reunion with her friends, Julia's Christmas was full of tragedy.

At the Valley Inn, Zarf's holding forth on the meaning of Christmas. Babe drops by for a visit, and Zarf tells her that's he's "ready to find his destiny." He suggests that she will be part of this journey. At that moment, Bianca enters the room and a besotted Zarf says "it begins." She's accompanied by Josh, and Babe is angry that apparently Zarf invited her specifically to get her together with Josh/aka "her destiny."

She calls Josh "arrogant" for being part of Zarf's scheme, and then decides to stay for coffee, announcing that she'll leave when she is ready. Babe tells him that she had a wonderful Christmas with JR and her family, and that JR is the man she wantsbut Josh doesn't believe her, and insists he's the man she really wants. When Babe becomes angry, her bodyguard intercedes and tells Josh to get lost. A few minutes later the guard is back, without Babe, who he's lost track of!

As Bianca and Zarf sit together, he tells her that he's trying to discover the courage to face his destiny. She comments on how comfortable Miranda was with him, even though she's usually shy with strangers.

Julia and Jamie are keeping vigil at the hospital. Linda is critical, but her husband Jim has passed away. Julia doesn't know any of their familyso who is going to take care of their little girl Kathy?

Julia hears from Jeff that Linda has a 50/50 chance of survival, then goes in to see the critically-injured Linda.

Adam's presenting Krystal with extravagant Christmas gifts. There's a knock on the door and it's a tired and rumpled Tad. Dixie tells him how worried she'd been. He begins to share with her about the amazing experiences of the evening, and how in Christmases to come, they will share the company of children.

Tad tells Dixie that he has plenty of time to discuss whatever it was she wanted to talk about. He tells her that he now has reason to hope, and that God wants them to find Kate. While he may not have any new information, he now has faiththanks to Fr. Clarence. He's wished on the Christmas star, and he knows they are going to find her.

Dixie suddenly announces that she's in no rush to have that discussion with Tad, and Adam comes in and asks them to meet him in the parlor to discuss something important about the baby.

Adam announces he's made a big decision: he wants Tad and Dixie to act as Charlotte's godparents. They both agree and say they're honored. Later, Dixie promises Krystal that she will never tell anyone that Tad is the father of Krystal's baby.

Alone, Adam and JR discuss the camera that Colby's installed in Babe's room. JR says that he still needs to know what Babe is doing.

Erica and Jack are in bed, telling each other how much they love each other.

Sean and Colby are building snowmen and debriefing the successful getting-Erica-and-Jack-reunited project. A radiant Erica and glowing Jack encounter them in the living room. Erica is wearing the brooch from "J" and Sean is worried that Jack will act confused when Erica asks him to admire it, and acknowledges Sean as the person behind them getting back together.

As he walks in the snow with Erica, Jack says that they have a lot to talk about, but that he loves her. He says he wants them to attend the Christmas concert togetherand Erica announces that she's planning to attendwith Jeff! Jack isn't mad, but says he wants to spend every minute of Christmas with his wife.


Zarf confronts JR.

Josh gives Kendall the DNA results for Emma.

Babe's alone in the parking garage.

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