You've Got Some Explaining To Do.

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

David explains how he faked his death, while Kendall tries to cope with her loss.

You've Got Some Explaining To Do. image

Just as Greenlee is sentenced to life in prison in court, David appears. The court erupts in chaos and the judge orders everyone to take their seats. The judge instructs David to be brought to her and says he has some explaining to do. David is prepared to tell her everything. She suggests he consult with his own counsel before he says anything, but he declares it isn't necessary. Everyone takes their seat as David takes the stand. Krystal leaves to tell Marissa her father is alive, as Greenlee lashes out at David saying Zach's death is his fault. David is sorry about that and then Ryan erupts. The judge calls order in the court, but Jack reminds the judge David has wreaked havoc on them, so they have a right to vent. She allows Ryan to continue his tirade and David says he did this because he couldn’t keep Ryan away from his wife. David says it was supposed to be Ryan rotting behind bars for the rest of his life, not Greenlee. He's there today because he would rather lose his freedom than watch her lose hers. He couldn't lose Greenlee to Ryan, but he also knew he couldn't keep her either, so he set Ryan up and planned to live his life somewhere else, knowing Ryan couldn't have Greenlee either. David goes on to explain he faked his death with an herbal compound that slows the heartbeat to a nearly undetectable rate.


Krystal goes to her restaurant and tells Marissa David is alive. Angry, Marissa can't understand what is wrong with her father and wants to go see him.


Upstairs at her house, a devastated Kendall wonders how she is supposed to do this without Zach. Bianca joins her sister, who can't bring herself to go in their bedroom. Bianca consoles Kendall, who is afraid to cry or scream or throw things because she might never stop. Kendall returns downstairs and see Bianca shut the laptop. She demands to know what she's hiding from her and Bianca tells her David is alive.


Marissa bursts into the courtroom and slaps her father, while he's still on the stand. David tries to explain to his daughter, but she only sees that he is beyond screwed up. She is done with him and his whole twisted world and she wants him to stay dead to her. She leaves and David tells the room he saw them all drinking to his death and calls them a bunch of hypocrites. The judge reminds him to stick to the facts, not air his personal grievances. David recalls the night of the party. After knocking Ryan out, David took the herbal compound and dumped the digitalis in his drink. He trashed the room some more, said his goodbyes to Greenlee's photo and left the room to pretend to die in front of everyone at Caleb's party. David helped the medical examiner with his gambling debt so he would pronounce him dead from an overdose of Digitalis. He goes on to explain how he learned about Greenlee being arrested and that he hired Nick to plant the Digitalis. As Ryan and the rest of the courtroom goes off on him, Kendall and Bianca enter the court. Kendall cries as she tells David it's his fault Zach is dead. She breaks down in sobs as she tells David she wants him to sit with the guilt of Zach's death for the rest of his life. Bianca takes Kendall out of the room. The judge adjourns the hearing and clears Greenlee of all charges. Greenlee goes after Kendall as Jesse arrests David. Krystal congratulates Jack on Greenlee going free, but Jack says it's not over until he makes sure David can never hurt his daughter again.


Greenlee follows Kendall to her house and even though she knows it's not enough, she says she is so, so sorry.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Kendall goes off on Greenlee.

Griffin looks for Zach.

Krystal lends her support to someone.

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