Kendall Gets The Tragic News.

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Angie finds out the sex of her baby, Kendall flips out, and a dead person walks into the courtroom.

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'Sorry, we had issues with the feed today for the first half hour of the show. This below is a recap from the studio and the rest is the live show.'

In the courtroom Angie overhears Amanda telling Jake that Jesse accidentally found out the sex of their child. She wants to know and finds out they're having a girl.


At Kendall’s, Erica and Ryan tell her that Zach’s plane went down and that he’s gone. She reacts by phoning Zach’s cell phone and asking where he is and to call her. They realize she’s not in reality. Bianca arrives and Erica tells her that Kendall is in total denial about Zach. They tell Ryan to go to Greenlee. They say they won't tell Spike yet. Ryan hugs them both and leaves. Mom and daughter cry holding each other. The news starts to sink in and Kendall has a complete meltdown, screaming and crying. She’s dazed and confused then realizes she has to tell the boys. She decides to go rest and wants her sister and Erica to leave but they say they’re staying. They offer to help with whatever needs to be done. Kendall leaves them to go rest. Bianca and Erica hug.


Jake arrives in court to talk to Greenlee before the trial starts. She thanks him for being there and tells him to go sit with Amanda. Jack talks to Krystal. He wonders how everything went so wrong. Ryan arrives and tells Greenlee that Kendall’s in shock but that Bianca and Erica are with her. He vows to stand by her forever. Court starts and the Judge asks if the jury has reached their verdict. They say they have. Greenlee stands and the foreman reads the verdict. Guilty! There is loud gasp in the courtroom. Jack promises to appeal and fight it. Ryan tells Tad that it’s not over yet. Jack requests that the jury be polled. Jack is told he’s out of order and to sit down. The jury is released. The Judge announces a short recess and she’ll return to sentence Greenlee. Jack protests that he has additional evidence but court is adjourned. He apologizes to Greens. Ryan promises to make it right and hugs Greens. Liza has a sexy daydream about her and Zach. Krystal tells Jack it’s just a setback. All of her friends give Greenlee their support. She tells Ryan she’ll be fine. He tells her they’ll still have a life together. She asks him to take care of Kendall while she’s away. The Judge sentences Greenlee to life in prison for the murder of David Hayward. Ryan rushes to her but she’s led away by guards. He chases her. There is a gasp in the room. Everyone looks up and David is standing in the doorway.


On the way to her room Kendall leans on a wall looking at her bedroom door. She calls Zach over and over again just to hear his voice and cries.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

The courtroom is shocked.

Marissa gets some news.

Kendall lashes out.

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