Home for the holidays

Tuesday, December 26th, 2006

Erica makes a decision.

Krystal speaks to Adam about the baby.

Fr. Clarence does his best to comfort Tad.

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Krystal begs Dixie to remain silent about Tad and the baby.

Myrtle is visiting a depressed Erica on Christmas Eve. When she tells Erica that it's clear she still loves Jack and should be home, Erica says that if Jack still loves her, he's the one who should come to her and apologize. Palmer arrives to escort Myrtle to dinner.

Sean comes to see Erica and tell her that Jack wants her to come home. He also hands over another "J" gifta chocolate heart.

Josh next comes to see Erica, and he tells her that if he's had any part in the problems between Erica and Jack, he's sorry. Erica suddenly makes a decision and takes Josh and goes home, where she has a happy reunion with Jack. After she arrives, Sean texts Colby to let her know their plan worked.

Krystal tells Dixie she will be the one to tell Adam. "Tell what?" he demands! Krystal tells him only half the story and Adam thinks that Dixie is simply trying to make trouble. He also says he understands Dixie's pain in not having Kate, and promises to do all her can to help her and Tad find the girl.

Adam leaves and an astonished Dixie asks Krystal if she was really going to tell Adam the truth. Yes, a weeping Krystal replies. She admits that her baby is Tad's, and begs Dixie not to ruin Adam's happiness. If Tad and Adam are ever to know, Krystal asks to be the one to tell themand Dixie agrees.

Alone, Dixie looks up at the Christmas star and asks for sign. Should she tell Tad he has another child?

Marian comes over and tells Colby that Liza loves Colby and misses her at Christmas. Why isn't she there, asks Colby. Marian explains that Liza thinks Colby, after missing so many holidays with her father, would like to spend Christmas with Adam. Colby is skeptical.

Babe gives JR an Eiffel Tower tree ornament, mentioning that they once planned a family trip to France. He has a Christmas gift for her as well, and warmly wishes her Merry Christmas.

Tad awakes in the snow with a sprained ankle, is surprised by the appearance of Fr. Clarence and a chapel in the woods. They are chatting quietly when suddenly Tad has a vision, and tells Fr. Clarence that he doesn't belong in a sacred place. "We're all sinners," says Fr. Clarence. "But my sin is murder," says Tad.

"JR has had a rough go of it," says Fr. Clarence. Tad is shocked that Clarence knows about JR, and says a good father would never turn his back on his son. Just like between you and God, says Clarence. Tad's not hearing it, claiming that God's turned his back on him. He swears to Fr. Clarence that he'll "do anythingbe anything" if God will protect Kate. As he wanders out into the night, he looks to the stars and wishes "please, send us Kate."


On Christmas Eve, Emma comforts the Lavery brothers.

Kendall, Ryan, Zach and Spike are together on Christmas Eve, playing with the model train Zach set up. Ryan has brought along a gift for Spike that Erin bought and wrapped prior to her murder. It's a t-shirt that says "Lucky." Ryan leaves, saying he's going to spend Christmas Eve with Jon, who's just arrived.

On the porch, they run into Annie and Emma, and decide to accompany them to church. As the brothers stand and listen to the congregation sign hymns, Emma comes up and hugs both.


Adam tells Tad and Dixie that there's something they "have to discuss about the baby."

Jack and Erica consummate their new relationship.

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