Tad's dark night of the soul

Thursday, December 21st, 2006

Dixie won't give up asserting Tad is the father of Krystal's baby.

Who is sending gifts to Erica?

Livia visits Tad.

Tad's dark night of the soul image

Dixie remains convinced that Tad fathered Krystal

As they prepare to leave Fusion following the reception, Kendall can't accept that it's almost Christmas and her friends aren't here. When she and Zach return home, their house is fully decorated with a huge tree, evergreen garlands and an assembled model train. Kendall attributes it all to Zach and is ecstatic.

As they chat on the Fusion roof, Babe insists to Dixie that Krystal's baby is Adam's. "You don't have to protect your mothernot from me," replies Dixie. Babe urges her not to ruin Adam and Krystal's happiness with her lies!

It did happen, says Dixie. She was there. And she won't back down. It's true and that David was going to announce that on the DVD Babe smashed. Babe tells Dixie that if she tells Adam Tad is Charlotte's father, he'll leave Krystal and break her heart. And why is Dixie believing David's claim? After all, didn't he also say that Emma was Kate? "Please Dixie," she begs, leave Mama and Adam's baby out of this."

Jack tells Bianca what a great job she's done and how he'll always be there for herno matter what happens between him and Erica.

Bianca tells Zach that she knows his secrethis desire to protect them and his anguish when he can't. But, she insists, the killer is not Zarf! He may be strange, but he's not a killer. She remains at Fusion, despite Kendall's suggestion she leave. Bianca insists that she's safe with her bodyguard.

Bianca comes out on the roof and Dixie peppers her with questionsespecially about how Bianca was able to forgive Babe for keeping Bianca from Miranda. Bianca acknowledges that she really has not forgiven Babe.

Dixie jumps on that and says "so you haven't forgiven her." Bianca admits she has a range of emotions about Babebut keeping a mother from her child is unforgivable. But Bianca also says that this is only her experienceshe doesn't want to complicate things for Dixie.

Krystal and Adam are dressing up as Mrs. Claus and Scrooge to entertain children at the manse. Babe rushes home to alert Krystal about her conversation with Dixie who is about to "blow the tinsel off [Krystal's] tree."

When Erica returns to her room, she finds a box containing a jeweled brooch with a card signed "J". When Jeff comes to her room, she asks if he's sent it to her. Sean and Colby are lurking outside Erica's room, and then Sean comes in to see Erica.

Sean tells Erica that if she wants to come home, "the presents never happened." She doesn't respond and he leaves.

Back at the Montgomery house, Colby explains her entire plan to reconcile Jack and Erica and the plethora of gifts she's sending. Jack comes home and wonders what those two are up to.


"I traded away my soul," said Tad.

Alone at home, sitting in the dark, Tad can't stop thinking about Kate and the burial of Greg Madden. The bells rings and it's Livia, saying that she knows who killed Madden. "I used to call you friend," says Livia. "What the he** happened to you? Is there any part of my friend still in there?"

"Madden's gone, Kate's goneand whomever I used to be is gone too," says Tad. "I'm alone and my family is in shreds. I'm in he** where I belong. Everything I had is dead and gone. I traded away my soul. That's who I am."

Livia insists that there is hope for Tad and that God will forgive him. No, says Tad. There's nothing left.


Father Clarence pays a visit to Dixie.

Krystal fears her life is going up in smoke.

Julia comes to see Tad.

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