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Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Greenlee's trial gets underway, Erica targets Scott, and Ryan is ready to throw himself on the sword.

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Erica tries to calm Jack's nerves at home before he goes to court, as Caleb stops by. He wishes Jack luck and then Jack leaves. Caleb asks Erica when she's getting married because he needs his partner to be there for him. She assures him it won't be a problem. They talk about Scott and Erica can't believe Scott was the one to steal from Palmer and not JR. Caleb thinks they are so close to getting the company back, as long as JR doesn’t persuade Scott to recant his confession. They cackle over the thought of getting Cortlandt back as well as Junior's company.


Opal visits Scott in jail to rail at him for backstabbing Palmer. Scott feels bad, but now he can finally tell Opal about Palmer's last days and how he was planning a trip for the two of them. Once Opal has left, Erica stops by to also ream him out. Scott knows what he did was wrong and he is truly sorry. Erica wonders if he actually was the one to steal from Palmer, assuming at the very least JR knew about it. Scott makes it clear he was the one to steal the idea all on his own. He doesn't appreciate her trying to manipulate him and states he is intent on taking responsibility for his own actions, so he won't change his mind about implicating JR. She assures him she and Caleb are there for him if he needs them. Before she leaves, Scott asks her for one thing.

Caleb calls Opal to meet him at Krystal's. They discuss Scott and then Caleb expresses his condolences for her losing his Uncle Pete. He realizes he needs to respect his uncle and his wishes. Opal notes he and Erica are taking back Cortlandt. She thinks he looks just like Palmer when he was about to take on a big battle.


Asleep in the Slater home, Greenlee has a dream about Ryan telling her he loves her and then ending up in prison. Kendall walks in as Greenlee jolts awake. She worries what happens if she goes free and Ryan goes to prison. Greenlee says she didn't want David to die and hoped he would become the man she knew he could be. Greenlee gets dressed and tells Kendall the jury has to see a woman who loved her husband and no one else.


In the interrogation room, Damon walks in and trips, spilling coffee all over Liza's things. The mayor walks in and tells Liza to get it together because she needs to convict David's killer. Once the mayor is gone, Damon suggests a wired Liza drink some decaf, but she needs potent coffee and orders him to take her jacket to the dry cleaners and get her some caffeine. Damon returns with a new suit and more coffee for Liza and she thanks him for all his help because he has done everything correctly that she's asked. He watches her get ready and says he never knew how much it took to be her.


Ryan finds Jack in the courtroom and tells him he might have killed David after all. He fills him in on what Nick Pearson recounted to him. Ryan orders Jack to put Nick and Tad on the stand, but Jack wants to talk to Nick first. Jack warns Ryan could be implicating himself if they put Nick on the stand, but Ryan says if it clears Greenlee than that's what they have to do.


Amanda visits Annie to console her about Scott. Annie worries how she will tell her daughter she has destroyed everything again. Amanda sympathizes and is confident she can turn her life around. Ryan stops by the mansion to tell Annie she needs to prepare for anything when it comes to Greenlee's trial. He explains how he is putting himself out there to create reasonable doubt for Greenlee. She worries about Emma, but Ryan vows to never bail on her. He asks her to be strong for Emma and Annie wishes him luck. Erica is next to pay Annie a visit. She tells her Scott wants to see her. Erica also encourages her to look out for her daughter by serving JR up.


Erica returns to Caleb at Wildwind and she tells him about her conversation with Scott. They are both optimistic they will get Cortlandt back and justice for Palmer. He admits she's not always wrong and thinks Palmer knew what he was doing by paring them up.


Kendall and Greenlee arrive at court and Greenlee sees Ryan. She tells him to go home but he isn't going anywhere and takes a seat. Liza and Jack present their opening statements. The judge orders a brief recess and Jack steps away to talk with Ryan. Ryan assures Jack that if the jury doesn't buy his arguments than he will confess to killing David.

Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

Jake and Jesse take the stand.

Ryan kisses Greenlee.

Marissa visits Scott.

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