Farewell to Simone and Erin

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Friends and family gather for Simone and Erin's funeral.

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Forgiveness is a "choice," says Stuart.

The two lost women of Fusion "fought like warriors" for the people they loved, says Kendall in her eulogy.

Jon tries to pay tribute to Erin, but is too broken up to continue with his eulogy for his sister.

The remaining Fusion women place roses on the coffins and hold hands, surrounding their lost friends.

After the service, Tad and Aidan ask Derek to let them help him find what appears to be a serial killer. He tells them to "stay out of his way"and keep an eye on their loved ones.

Tad declines to go to the post-funeral reception, and stays to keep vigil at the cemetery. Brooke tells Dixie that Tad's gone off to a place where they can't reach him. What can they do?

Zach tells Kendall he'll be late getting to Fusion. He's going to look for answers. Tad is alone at the cemetery, except for Zach, who approaches and says he wants to hire Tad. Tad is surprised and asks who Zach wants investigated. "Me," Zach replies.

Does this have anything to do with the murders, asks Tad? Zach says there's a message in ita message to him. He gives Tad a packet of information that he claims is "everything about him" and to do whatever he need to do to find answers. But what does this have to do with Zach, asks Tad? "Gardeniaand a single white ribbon."

Jon can't bear to leave Erin's coffin until Amanda offers her hand. He goes to the reception, but it's too painful to stay. He goes back to Wildwind to talk to Amanda, and tells her that he couldn't have gotten through this without her.

Suddenly, he stands up and says he "can't do this to her!" He says he's trying to protect her and keep her from being hurtbut an angry Amanda calls that "BS." She loves her friendsand she still loves him. She gets up to leave, and Jon asks her to stay. He says he can't imagine the world without his sisterand he can't imagine life without her.

Stuart and JR are sitting in JR's room, and JR shares how angry he is over Babe's "betrayal."

Stuart tells JR that forgiveness is a "choice" and that everything else follows from that. Everyone makes mistakes, says Stuartthat's how we learn to do better.

In the parlor, Adam and Krystal are partying hearty with Krystal's truck stop pals. Adam says "a marriage made in moonshine has become true love", and seems completely happy.

Everyone is gathered at Fusion for the reception, where large photos of Erin and Simone are looking out over the guests. Bianca is surprised when Miranda and her nanny arrive, and Miranda rushes to Babe for a giant hug.

Erica shares with Ryan how the love of her family and friends helped her deal with the crushing grief she felt after her mother died.

Josh asks Babe if she's ok, and is skeptical when she says this is going to be a good Christmas.

Kendall checks with Josh to make sure he's going forward with his "investigation" of Emma's paternity. He says he will, and gets Emma to take a sip from a juice box, in order to get a DNA sample.

Later, Kendall's having second thoughts and tells Josh to forget about getting the DNA sample from Emma. After a moment's thought, she tells him to "do it."

Livia tells Jack that he and Erica are being stubbornand to get back together with her. Isn't that the message of today: treasure the time we have with the ones we love?

Later, she chats with Erica and tells her to think about it, saying nobody wants this divorce.

Babe is on the roof, when Dixie comes out to tell Babe what a great job she doing. And then she drops a bombshell, saying that Krystal "made the right choice."

Ryan speaks to the reception guests about remembering the joy that all of them got out of knowing Simone and Erin, and asks that they all be kind to each other and to the people in their lives.

After Ryan's speech, Erica goes to speak to Jack and tell him about her interactions with Sean. He cares a lot about Jack, says Ericaand so does she.

In her room, Erica finds a Christmas card signed "J" and a jeweled brooch.

Jamie returns to the Chandler manse from the funeral to see JR, and JR's first question is about how Babe is doing.

Jamie wonders why JR cares so much about the well-being of someone he hates.


Bianca tells Zach she knows his secret.

Livia tells Tad she knows who killed Greg Madden.

Babe warns Krystal about Dixie.

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