A Gleam In His Eye.

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Erica and Caleb team up, Annie and JR argue, and Greenlee is out on bail.

A Gleam In His Eye. image

Erica stops by Wildwind and tells Caleb she thinks Scott stole something from Palmer. She thinks they should target Annie to get some info out of her.

Annie and JR argue in the living room about what happened. JR tells her she doesn't love Scott and that she married the wrong man. She caustically wonders if he is the right man and will carry her and Emma off into the sunset. He reminds her he has a lot going on, but they have a connection. She thinks all he wanted was to sleep with her. She can't believe she threw away a love she always wanted for JR. She doesn't think they will ever be together because they would destroy each other. Erica stops by to talk with Annie. JR welcomes her home and leaves the room. Erica tells Annie Tempo wants to feature her in an upcoming issue, but she doesn't buy it and wonders what Erica really wants. Erica tells her Caleb overheard JR accuse Scott of stealing from a dead man and she thinks he was referring to Palmer. Annie says she doesn't know anything about it.

After learning from Scott that JR slept with Annie, Colby angrily confronts her brother upstairs in the mansion.


Caleb sees Scott at Krystal's. Caleb knows Scott is trying to do the right thing in his partnership with JR, but he needs to fight for what he wants, which might mean fighting dirtier and harder than JR does. Caleb doesn't think that's his way, but Scott says, "Don't be so sure." Once Caleb has left, Colby sits with Scott who tells her he's going to do something he should have done a long time ago.


JR returns to the main room and Annie tells him Erica knows that Scott stole something from a dead man. JR says they have to fix this or else he will lose everything. Scott returns and overhears them arguing.


Erica and Caleb meet back up at Wildwind. She believes both Annie and JR know what Scott took from Palmer. Caleb assumes if JR is protecting Scott it is definitely something that would take down Chandler. Erica notes the gleam in his eye and knows this is fun for him. They agree to team up on this, but Erica wonders what's in it for her. Caleb tells her getting the company back is his way of thanking his Uncle Pete and if she chooses to help, he will make it worth her while – they will run the company together.


At Ryan's, he gives Madison a key to his place. She wonders if he's sure and he tells her he just wants her to be comfortable and relaxed there. She tells him she's been dreaming about Henry a lot lately. She can't believe she killed a man, but last night she felt safe with him – like he chased her nightmares away. He mentions Greenlee has a bail hearing today and she not so convincingly tells him she's okay with him being involved in her life.

After getting a judge to agree to reopen Greenlee's bail request, she goes to court where Jack and Liza present their cases. The judge agrees to bail much to Liza's outrage, but Greenlee is allowed to go free.


Ryan meets with Greenlee and Jack at ConFusion. She thanks them for their help and support, as Madison joins them to give Greenlee last quarter's sales report for Fusion. Ryan invites Madison to sit with them and Greenlee reluctantly encourages her to do so. Madison apologizes for telling Liza Greenlee said she wanted David dead and then invites her over for dinner. Ryan and Madison leave and Jack asks if Greenlee is okay. She knows Ryan is with Madison now and she can't get caught up in her feelings with David's murder hanging over her. Jack tells her they have to put doubt in the juror's minds that she killed him. The person the jury would most easily buy as another suspect is Ryan.

Monday's Pine Valley spoilers for General Hospital:

Scott grabs a gun.

Caleb serves JR papers.

Ryan wants to be put on the stand at Greenlee's trial.
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