It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Dixie visits a disconsolate Tad.

Annie and Ryan acknowledge the chemistry between them.

Zarf opens up to Bianca.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas image

"Citizen of the world"...native of Indiana.

Except for the bodyguard, Bianca and Zarf are alone in the Fusion offices and she assures Zarf she's not afraid of him. When she looks into his eyes"she sees herself."

"We are one, Bianca," says Zarf. She says she sees pain and confusion in him. He says her aura indicates change is coming. Zarf shares his childhood information with her. [He's a steelworker's son from Elkhart, Indiana!] Now, he's a "citizen of the world."

She asks Zarf when he got his Christmas wish, and he says that it hasn't happened yet. She says she still believes in Santa and also suggests that he speak to her friend Father Clarence. Apparently Zarf's parents were puzzled by him and his mother turned to religion to deal with having such an unconventional child.

Bianca guesses that Zarf's big secret is that he's gay, but he says that's not iteven though he's still "in the closet." When she can figure out why she is attracted to him, she will know his secret.

When Miranda comes to the office, the three of them decide to go to the tree lot to choose their tree.

Jamie dresses as an elf to entertain the sick children at the hospital. Julia introduces Jamie as "Jingles," Santa's "very large" elf and he entertains the sick children with stories of his adventures with Santa and the reindeer. Afterwards, he tells Julia of a past Christmas when Tad and Dixie were separated, and both wished on the same star to be reunited.



Annie and Ryan are kissing when they are interrupted by Emma, who's worried that Santa won't visit them because they don't have a tree. Ryan takes her out that very evening to buy a tree.

At the tree lot they run into Adam, who offers his condolences to Ryan. When they return home, Emma is surprised by the abundance of ornaments filling the living room, and the three of them decorate their tree.

Tad tells Dixie that he's been too busy investigating Simone's death to interact with his friends. Dixie can't believe Tad's thrown his Christmas decorations in the trash. He says that he's over Christmas. It's for childrenand he's "fresh out."

Dixie tries to cheer him up and remind him that Christmas is for everyoneespecially the child inside of each of us. And ohshe thinks Krystal is carrying his child! He says she's crazy and that Krystal swore that the baby is Adam'sbut Dixie insists she's right.

He appreciates that Dixie is trying to help him, but insists that they will get through this. He believes Krystal when she said she is not carrying his baby. Dixie asks if that means he's given up hope that they'll ever find Kate, which he denies. He says he's doing pretty well for a man who has just lost one of his best friends and has a daughter who is missing. Dixie cheers him up enough to get him to do some decorating.

Adam is all smiles as he gives Krystal some of her early gifts, including a silver rattle for "Charlotte Carey Chandler." When Babe comes home from her Christmas shopping, he tells her how "glowing" she looks. Babe tells Krystal that she feels hopeful for the first time in a while. She says that she feels peaceful planning Christmas for her son. Krystal tells her not to put too much stock in the fact that JR hired a bodyguardbut perhaps it's a start. They reminisce about Christmases they shared together in the past.

Krystal expresses how happy she is about baby Charlotte, and Babe agrees that she made the right decision about Tad. They're surprised when Adam brings JR into the parlor to help with decorating the tree. Adam and Krystal beat a swift retreat to leave JR and Babe alone with Little A, who shares his Christmas list. It includes a "baby brother."


Zach needs Tad's help with an investigation.

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