Everyone's a detective

Monday, December 18th, 2006

Why is Colby in Josh's room?

What does Zarf know about Zach's visions?

Emma comforts a grieving Ryan.

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Little Emma comforts a grieving Ryan.

At Fusion, Zach wants to know about the drawing Zarf leftof a girl lying down, with a flower in her hair. In addition to the sketch, Zach has a copy of a mysterious letter/song lyric from Zarf about killing a woman. Or is it a confession? Zarf insists that if he told Zach who the woman in the letter is, he'd never believe him!

Zarf starts talking about the "spirit plane" and accuses Zach of judging him by his unconventional appearance. He then tells Zach that he is like his fatherand is tortured by the fact that he cannot protect the women of Fusion. When Zarf mentions the visions Zach has been having of the dark-haired woman, he becomes upset and demands that Zarf tell him how he knows about her. Zach's hands are around Zarf's neck when Bianca walks in.

Zach shows the drawing to Bianca, who's unimpressed. She insists that Zarf has no reason to hurt anyone, and he claims that it's a problem since he's so creative.

Zach storms off, and Bianca follows him, wanting to know what's making him so upset. Zach says that all of this is his faultand that he's brought this danger to the women of Fusion. Zach insists the killings a "message to him." Bianca is mystified by his statements and Zach leaves.

Josh discovers that Colby has broken into his Valley Inn room, and demands to know what she's really doing there. Josh starts searching his room for whatever Colby has hidden there. Kendall walks in with Spikegrabs Colby by the hair and physically throws her out of the room!

Josh notices how upset Kendall seems, and tries to help. It's Annie. Kendall says that Annie is using Erin's death to "get he claws" into Ryan. Josh tells her he can't understand what the problem is, especially when Kendall insists that she's happy with Zach.

Kendall asks Josh to help her find out if Ryan is Emma's father. Considering the sourceDavidJosh asks why Kendall is putting any credence in the claims. Kendall agrees it's a long shot, but not knowing is driving her crazy.

Josh reminds Kendall that Emma's father could be many peopleincluding Greg Madden! She promises that if the father is anyone other than Ryan, she will not share the information.

Kendall claims that Annie isn't good enough for Ryan, and he's "settling" for her since he can have Kendall. Josh isn't sure that's good enoughbut Kendall asks if he's going to help her by running a sub-rosa DNA test. Will he do that for her? He's in, says Josh.

Emma comforts a weeping Ryan, and gives him a "feel better" card she's made.

Ryan tells Emma that her card has made him feel better. Amanda and Jon arrive with the things from Erin's desk, and the announcement they've discovered something. Jon shows him an old comic book that Ryan sent to Erin when they were children.

Jon tells Ryan that he and Erin didn't resent Ryan for leaving when they were childrenbut Ryan's not buying it, and insists he should have protected them both. Jon and Amanda insist that Erin loved and was proud of Ryan.

Jon says that he doesn't think he can continue living in the condo, with all its memories of Erin. Amanda tells him that there's room at Wildwind, and it would be good for him to be around people. Jon agrees.

Ryan thanks Annie for sticking by him, and tells her how "amazing" she iswith a kiss.

Aidan tells Di that she absolutely should not be filling in for Erin at Fusionit's much too dangerous. She says that's exactly what she wantsshe's going to flush out the killer. With her background, she insists she can handle it, but Aidan remains unconvinced.

Di says the women of Fusion have been good to her, and she can't simply sit by as they are being targeted. Aidan realizes that he can't stop her, but tells her that he has her back.

Sean walks into BJ's and encounters Colby who's watching Josh on her computer, via the webcam she hid in his room. Colby explains that she doing it all for JR, and that she can get Erica home for Christmas. Sean thinks that's impossiblebut Colby bets him that it will happen. And if she wins, her prize is a glamorous New Year's Eve date in Manhattan with Sean.


Zarf and Bianca talk.

Christmas party time at Wildwind.

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