Search for a killer

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Ryan finally faces his grief.
Colby is still trying to get rid of Babe.
Zach is seeking the killer of Erin and Simone.

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Jon has found something in Erin's desk.

Josh finds a napping Babe on the roof, and freaks out, thinking she's dead. She awakes and tells him not to worry, since there are guards at the door, but he insists that it's unsafe. She says she came up there to connect with the spirit of Erin.

He urges her to go home, and suddenly a large guard appears and announces that he's George, and has been hired by JR to guard her 24/7.

Babe is worried that Erin and Simone suffered, but Josh reassures her that the drug made their hearts speed up, but that they didn't suffer.

After Babe leaves, Josh goes back to the office and chats with Zarf, who claims that when he met Babe, she had the most amazing aura he'd ever seen.

Babe goes home and thanks JR for hiring the guard. He replies that he did it for Little A, and notes that he saw Josh standing behind her at the press conference. A curious Babe then asks what exactly is George's job: to protect Little A's mother or spy on an unfaithful wife?

Strictly to protect her, says JR. He wants her to be safe.

JR and Colby are at home, chatting. He tells Colby that Josh's presence at Fusion isn't a problem, since his sisters work there. She tells him that if he wants to get Babe out of their lives, all his has to do is say the word. She says she's the only one on his side, but JR's not buying it. He admits that he still loves Babe and that he loves her as wellbut please, no funny business.

As always, Colby pays no attention to anyone's request. She purchases and installs a "nanny cam" in Babe's bedroom.

Danielle is surprised when Livia, who is supposed to be out of town for the next week, shows up at Fusion. Livia says that Derek called and told her about the murders. She insists that Danielle return home with her.

Amanda and Jonathan arrive at the Fusion office, where he plans to collect her things. Danielle offers to do that for him, but a sad Jon insists that it's something he has to do.

When he finds one of Ryan's old comic books in her things, he's even sadder, since it seemed that they were finally all going to be a family again.

As they're about to leave, Zarf tells Jon that Erin loved him, and nothing can take that away from him. Jon replies that Erin love Fusion and her friends, and it was one of the places where she was the happiest.

Annie has put out two of Erin's dresses for Ryan to choose her burial garb. Kendall comes to see how he is, and asks him to talk to her, and that she's worried about him. He insists he's sad but fine, and asks her to go home and give Spike a kiss for him.

When Annie returns, he reminisces about Erin's childhood, and then says that he doesn't deserve to grieve for her, because he abandoned her. He says he doesn't deserve to feel pain, but all he can do now is take care of Jonathan, and make the murderer pay.

Annie tries to convince him that Erin loved him, and appreciated that he'd brought her and Jonathan to Pine Valley and made them a family again. Finally, Ryan breaks down.

Derek shows up a to question Zachalone. He wants to know how Zach knew that Simone was murdered.

"Are you looking for an answer or a confession?" replies Zach.

Derek says his interest is stopping a serial killer. Both of the dead women had the drugs in their systems, and he's worried about Danielle being next. He and his people are investigating Zarf as well. What does Zach think?

Zach thinks that while Zarf is odd, he's not a killer.


Jon finds something in Erin's desk.

Why did Zarf send a drawing to Zach?

Colby's found out.

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