Fusion solidarity

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Jeff is surprised when he wakes up next to Erica.

The women of Fusion refuse to back down.

Ryan and Jon grieve for their sister.

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"Fusion is a family," says Kendall.

Erica explains to Jeff about the malaria attack and his delirium, and how they ended up in bed. She orders breakfast, and while glancing at the newspaper headlines, sees the news about Erin.

The gang at Wildwind can't believe Erin is gone, and talk to Aidan, who's on the computer, searching for leads.

Zach begs Kendall to keep Fusion closed until the murderer is caught. She insists she's not going to be afraid and will be going to work. At that moment, Bianca enters and announces she's going to work with Kendall. The head of Cambias Security is on his way to Fusion to protect them.

Bianca explains to Zach that Kane women don't back down from things that scare them. Zach tells Kendall that if she goes to Fusion, he's coming along, since she may be in the greatest danger of allbecause of him! He has a bad feeling he can't shake.

Kendall is skeptical of that, and suggests that he's overreacting. Let Derek handle the investigation, she tells Zach.

JR tells Babe the same thingthat she's "not going" to work. She tells him she most certainly is. He calls her an idiot and she leaves, and runs into Josh, who's outside her front door. He says he's going to accompany her to work. Josh takes her to the Fusion office, and announces that he's staying there to protect her.

Kendall, Bianca and Zach arrive at Fusion, along with Danielle. They're all ready to take a stand against the person who's trying to destroy them. Derek is also there to let them know that the Pine Valley Police will be protecting them. Nobody is going anywhere without them notifying him! Zach asks him if he agrees that they're dealing with a serial killer, and Derek says it seems as if they are.

Erica rushes in to make sure her daughters are safe, and trips the alarm, which begins wailing. She's surprised to turn around and see Jack.

Di comes to see Zach to request time off from the casino so that she can help the Fusion staff. A strange man comes off the elevator and Zach slams him to the wall. He turns out to be reporter, and kosher.

Babe, Kendall, Danielle and Bianca appear in a television news conference to talk about Fusion and their lost colleagues. She assures viewers that their loss has strengthened them and their bond to each other.

Dixie comes in and asks JR why he's being so intransigent. Why didn't he tell Babe he loves her and is concerned about her safety? He accuses her of being on Babe's side, but she says it's JR's well-being she cares about. After she leaves, Chandler family troublemaker Colby arrives to let him know that Josh accompanied Babe to work.

Jon asks Ryan is he's going to get the "bast***" who killed Erin. "No question," he responds. Amanda brings Jon back to Wildwind, so that he can be around people who care for him.

Annie comes to the M.E.'s office to be with Ryan, and to show her love for Erin. Ryan tells her how much Erin cared for her and Emma. "I know," says Annie. "How can I help you?"

A tearful Ryan asks her to please pick out a dress for Erin to be buried in.

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