Murder news shocks Pine Valley

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

Bianca and Zarf share a kiss.

The news of Erin's death is met with shock and disbelief.

A delirious Jeff thinks he and Erica are newlyweds.

Murder news shocks Pine Valley image

Zarf claims he and Bianca share a "destiny," but she's unconvinced.

When Bianca asks him about himself, Zarf promises to "share everything" with Bianca when the time comes. Zarf says they're the same; Bianca counters that they couldn't be more different. They go off together and Zarf offers his particular words of wisdom regarding Bianca and Maggie.

Zarf wants Bianca to kiss him again. Her claim that she's a lesbian doesn't dissuade him. This kiss is their "destiny." They kiss, but she feelsnothing. But then she admits to feeling "moved."

Ryan calls Bianca and rushes to see her and once establishing she's ok, asks her about Zarf's whereabouts. Soon, she learns the news about Erin.

Jeff refuses to see a doctor, and sweeps Erica literally off her feetbecause it's their "honeymoon." He's delirious on the sofa, and Erica tells him he needs more nursing than she can provide. Oh, and they're not married!

Jeff's fever breaks, and he returns to 2006. Erica convinces him to go to bedand joins him.

Annie admits to Kendall that she's falling in love with Ryan. Is that ok with her? Of course, says Kendall. Don't we all "fall for our heroes"? Annie insists this is much more than a crush, and thinks Ryan might be falling for her as well. Annie sees a picture of Greenleeand learns about Ryan's life before they met.

Kendall says she thought Ryan would never get over Greenlee, but suggests that he's not using herat least consciously.

When Zach arrives home with the horrible news about Erin, Kendall refuses to believe it. She becomes agitated and begins throwing things, and begs Zach to tell her it's not true. When she finally accepts the news, she sobs with grief.

Grief-stricken Jon demands to know who killed his sister. He accuses Aidan of being responsible for Erin's death. Zach and Ryan promise to pursue the killer; Amanda takes Jon back to the office. Derek arrives to question everyone in the club. He discovers that Zarf has a connection with both Simone and Erin.

Aidan demands that Derek allow him to help with the case, or he will do his own investigation. He explains how special Erin was to him. Derek says he cannot do that, and can't risk involving anyone who might be out for revenge.

Jonathan tells Amanda about all the things Erin did to help him. Why couldnt he have been there to help her when she needed him? Amanda has convinced Derek to allow Jon some extra time with Erin before the investigation gets underway, and takes him to her.


Jeff wakes up next to Erica.
Josh talks to Babe again.
Zach wonders about his connection to the murders.

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