Clearing Out The Toxins.

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Marissa and JR end things, Scott fesses up to Annie, and Madison and Ryan get real.

Clearing Out The Toxins. image

At the cottage, JR reels as he processes the fact that Marissa slept with Scott. She explains she misunderstood what she saw between him and Annie and turned to his cousin. JR thinks Scott took advantage of her, but she insists she needed him. JR knows he can't be angry because he slept with Annie, but promises it was only the one time. He was committed to making their marriage work, but Marissa knows neither one of them is happy. She's tired of fighting and struggling to hang on. She wants him to admit he doesn't love her and thinks they've been over ever since Annie. JR can't be there with her and leaves. Marissa accidentally calls David who leaves Greenlee to be with his daughter. David arrives at the cottage, but Marissa doesn't really want him there. David doesn't want to leave her alone and reaches out to her, but Marissa doesn't even want him to touch her. She asks him to drive her home, but he wants to do so much more. She tells him he can't and he realizes it's too late for a second chance with her.

JR races home and learns from AJ that the wedding has been moved to the park.


In the park, Scott and Annie excitedly anticipate their wedding. Annie sees Emma and assures her daughter they are going to be a real family and makes sure she's okay with everything. Emma nods her head in agreement and then they take some photos. The ceremony begins, but gets delayed when Annie goes to pick flowers for Emma so she can be the flower girl. As Annie gathers some flowers, she sees JR, who urges her not to marry Scott. Annie accuses him of trying to torture her, but he says things have changed because he and Marissa are over. He tells her Scott isn't the man she thinks he is. Scott walks up and says if she's going to hear it she will hear it from him. He admits he slept with Marissa and she starts to go after him, but JR stops her so he can hit Scott himself.


David brings Marissa home where she asks him to leave so she can think. She needs everything toxic out of her life which means him and JR. David is hurt that's how she sees him. Marissa finds AJ and tells him she loves him and will always be his mom, but she will be living at Krystal's for now.


In the hotel room, Ryan explains his plan for the mechanic to Madison, who is worried about his health. Ryan can't stand by and watch someone, like Greenlee, get hurt. Madison recalls that's how she met him and says that is why she loves him. Embarrassed she just blurted that out, she rambles on, but then tells him that she loves him again. He tells her he's done looking back and it's only about the future for him. She wonders what that future looks like and he goes in for a kiss, but they hears footsteps outside. Madison hides, as Greenlee marches in. Madison comes out, explains to Greenlee why she's there and then says she's leaving. Ryan gives her a kiss before she does and thanks her. Once Madison is gone, Greenlee wonders if his 'thing' with Madison is for real. He responds what they have it starting to get very real. He notes she stuck by him when a lot of women wouldn't have and says he's very lucky. He wonders if they are okay to talk about this and Greenlee assures him they are considering they got through her being with David. She is grateful to him for helping her get out of the biggest mistake of her life. He just wants her to be happy and she wants the same for him. She tells him to go and live his life and she'll clean up her own mess. Ryan's not going anywhere insisting she can count on him. Greenlee relents, tells him to be careful and leaves. Greenlee runs back in the room and says the mechanic saw her and took off. Ryan runs out to the parking lot and gets the mechanic's license plate number. He returns and assures Greenlee the man didn’t see him so she shouldn't worry he'll tell David they were together. Greenlee resigns herself to keeping up the charade with David until it's finally over. Ryan tells her to be careful and she leaves again.


Madison goes to Ryan's place with groceries and a cookbook assuring herself she can do this as long as she doesn't poison anyone. Ryan comes home and is impressed with Madison's domestic appearance. He calls her sexy, but she thinks he has no idea what he's signing up for. He thinks he does and kisses her.


Greenlee comes home to David who feels like he has absolutely no one. Greenlee tells him he has her and gives him an obligatory hug.

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