Someone is killing the women of Fusion

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

* Babe continues to plead her case to JR.

* Josh calls the police, reporting Erin's "murder."

Someone is killing the women of Fusion image

The news of his sister's death has devastated Jonathan.

"No way this is an accident," says Josh to the police. The white ribbon, the's identical to how Simone was found.

Zach responds to Josh's call, and doesn't tell Kendall where he's headed. To Kendall's displeasure, he grabs Annie off the porch, where she's waiting for Ryan, and insists she wait with Kendall. He also makes a quick call, doubling the security on his family.

Annie offers her condolences over Simone's death. Suddenly, Kendall asks if she's considered looking for Emma's biological father. She says she doesn't think it's a good idea, and then asks Kendall a question of her own: What made her choose Zach over Ryan?

When Zach shows up at the Fusion roof, Derek can't understand how he got there so quicklyhow did he know? The police are all over the Fusion roof; Jonathan wanders up and sees his sister, lying dead. He gets hysterical, and begs them to get a doctorbut them tell him it's too late. He embraces Erin and promises to take care of her.

Ryan arrives, and Jonathan begs him to "tell them that our sister didn't die." Ryan tries to get Jonathan to come home with him. Jon doesn't want to leave Erin, and Ryan gently tells him that Erin is dead. Jon breaks away from him, rushes into the clubs and starts grabbing people, hollering "who did itwas it you?"

"It's going to take a lot more than a little speech" JR tells Babe. He's not sure their marriage can be saved. He urges her to "give up the fairytale." She says she hasn't given up on their marriage, and begs him not to.

Adam walks in and asks JR is Babe is bothering him. If she is, just say the word and he'll get her out of there. JR says that Babe can stay.

Adam tells Krystal that he thinks JR still loves Babe, and how he couldn't bear the thought of Krystal with another man.

Josh frantically calls around town, making sure Bianca, Babe, et al., are safe. He reaches Colby on the phone, who sarcastically says "Babe is dead" and hangs up.

Josh shows up at the Chandler manse, demanding to see Babe and be assured that she's safe. He rushes through the house, and encounters a shocked JR and Babe in JR's sickroom.

The rest of the family rushes in, and Adam threatens to throw Josh out bodily. Josh says that someone is killing the women of Fusion. Adam assures him that no one is going to hurt Babe, and Josh leaves.

Krystal takes a weeping Babe into the parlor, and JR instructs Adam to do whatever is necessary to help Erin.

Zarf tracks down Bianca, and presents her with a kaleidoscope, telling her she will be "stirred by a sense of possibility." He wants to know "everything" about her, and announces that he has fallen "madly in love with her." She says she's more intrigued with him every time they meet. Her main question: What is Zach hiding?

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