AMC's Steady Cam Not So Steady! image

Example of a steady-cam. (ABC)

All My Children are using a new production technique with their cameras. No doubt by now, the fans have emailed droves of complaints as well even leaving some feeling motion sickness when they watch.

The new technique was launched in sequence to ConFusion and Rihanna's appearance in July. They are using a handi-cam or a high quality steady-cam in order to move around the actors and the scene with much greater ease. The cameras are much easier to use and can get in a certain shot of a scene that traditional camera's could not.

While there's been some praise from the media regarding the new technique - the majority of the fans thus far are not in agreement. The producers intentions are to give All My Children more of a reality TV look and feel, they are still in discussions as to whether to continue the camera technique judging by the number of complaints they are receiving.

Either way, when they do use the technique, it does give a very different feel to the show and sometimes change is not always good.