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Fans cry, "Show the older generation more!" (ABC)

Fans want to keep Zoe! presents All My Children's fan's point of view!

Thoughts on Greenlee

Christina S.: I think Greenlee should leave her ex husband because he got married with Annie. She should just go away again. And crystal should stay with Tad because they had a kid together. And Adam should go to jail too because he took away the baby from Crystal and Tad. And Babe should stay with Erica's son.

Lena C.: Ok I don't think that Greenlee and Ryan should get together again. Ryan has lost his spunk he is a family man now. Greenlee needs someone wild and sexy, someone like Josh!

Couples Connections

Sharon B.: Please keep Annie and Ryan together. I really like Annie. I think she's great!

Beverly M.: I think Jamie & Babe should get married on All My Children.

Please let Babe & JR find their way back to each other. JR & Babe make a great super couple like Bo & Hope on Days of our Lives.


Tyrone J.: I have been watching All My Children since May of 1975. I would like to see more storyline with the older actors, if you cannot think of any I can. I understand that you using the younger actors to get the younger generation to watch your show but think about the older generation.

Elizabeth P.: I have been watching this show since 1972 and I think you are just replacing too many of the stars and not only that, you're replacing them with kids. I am not a senior nor am I a teenager so I would like to see more middle age people on the show...

Random thoughts

Hate it: Felice N.: What is the deal with Di drinking? She is always looking forward to cocktails with one kidney! Del-a bartender with a kidney transplant??? I know its soaps but let's make it a little real! Can't Di order a club soda?? I also think you need to bring Dixie back!

Please do not take Zoe out of the show! The actor plays so well his way off taking and his advice and the way Zoe conducts herself is really wonderful!! I guess I could say I have a big crush on her.

Lauretta L.: There is much too much hatred shown on the program, I call this verbal abuse and I sure don't find this appealing - but I absolutely love the program!!!!

Michelle C.: Please do not keep Jenny gone for too long. When you do it gets boring and a lot of people stop watching.

Deborah G.: Give crystal her baby back. She does not deserve to suffer like that. It's not fair I get so angry but I still tune in every day. I have been a fan since high school in 1974.

Thank-you for the feedback!

Christine Fix