Is BAM dead? image

Bianca's lover Maggie (Elizabeth
Hendrickson) is returning to Pine Valley. (ABC)

"BAM" is the fan-created acronym for Bianca and Maggie who made AMC history with their lesbian kiss and subsequent love affair. It appears that BAM was too hot not to cool down, and beginning in mid-January, Elizabeth Hendrickson [Maggie Stone] will be temporarily returning to Pine Valley. It's reported that she'll be on the show for about three weeks.

As you know, Bianca returned home from France after discovering that her lover was cheating on her with a Parisienne named Cecilia. Whether Maggie is coming to ask for reconciliation or to end her relationship with Bianca has yet to be determined. And what will Maggie make of the unique relationship between Bianca and Zarf? We'll know in a couple of weeks.