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Julia Barr departs AMC after 30 years. (ABC)

Fans might expect a big send-off for Julia Barr, who has spent three decades playing Erica's nemesis, Brooke English. Surprisingly, she'll be departing the show without fanfare.

According to Barr's most recent fan newsletter:

"I had assumed that I would have a final scene regarding my character�s departure � certainly with Tad or Jamie, or even a last jab at Erica. I think the fans would have liked the chance to say goodbye to Brooke and to have had some closure with the character many have known for 30 years. I know it is what I would have wanted. However, it was not the decision that was made for whatever reason.

So, I bid a fond farewell to you now. My time with All My Children was well spent... and, I am very happy to have spent it with all of you."

Julia's goodbye

All the best to Julia, from all of us at!