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Jeffrey Carlson (ABC)

AMC is known for being in the forefront of socially conscious storylines, and the introduction this week of Zarf (Jeffrey Carlson) as the transgender "international rock star" has people talking.

Carlson is a stage actor who appeared as Marilyn Monroe in Broadway's ill-fated musical "Taboo" in Fore2004,and returned to Pine Valley this week after producers decided to reprise what was originally a one-off appearance last summer.

According to a recent interview with Carlson, Zarf was born Freddie Luper in Indiana, ran away from home and became a superstar at the age of 19.

Expect a number of dramatic and groundbreaking storylines as Zarf begin his journey transitioning from male to female. Carlson says that his character will definitely be seen dressed as a woman. Whether there will be a storyline on sexual reassignment surgery has yet to be decided.

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