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Bad week. (TOLN/Hulu)

Dimitri? (TOLN/Hulu)

"AMC" Rundown for August 19:
The gala was over and all that remained was the regret, the longing, and the unraveling secrets. We're fast approaching the season finale in a few weeks and we are still waiting for lots of resolution - and quite a few hook-ups.

Not good.
So no one is in a worse position this week than Cara. From JR stealing her prescription pads and his threat to expose her son, to David saving Oliver. Worst of all, she couldn’t even be by his side for fear of being found out, only to have a desperate JR threaten her secret anyway. When she finally snuck in to see him it was absolutely heartbreaking, although it could have been a lot worse if Oliver had cried out for her to stay while she was leaving like a normal 5-year-old would. Seriously, how smart is it for Cara to peek in the room while David is in there and risk him calling out for his mommy? She is begging to get caught. And where is Griffin? It’s been weeks since he's been around and he for sure would have a lot to say about the big mess Cara has gotten herself into. If she were smart, she would up and leave town with her son as soon as possible because once David finds out he will fight for custody with his whole being. And now with more tests being run on Oliver, there will be all kinds of DNA evidence around the hospital for David to fiddle around with.

Girl talk.
Was Heather always this … annoying? When she came on the scene she was sweet and helpful and now it is like she is one of the vapid mean girls she is supposed to be against.

Creepy town.
It’s about time to get to the bottom of Celia’s visions, and hopefully Dixie can do the trick. It still seems like Dimitri could be involved somehow, thanks to Evelyn’s sketchy reaction to Celia’s mention of him. Could he be the one she called after Celia lied about being with him? It also seems a bit out of character that Opal would work with Colby to sabotage such a sweet girl instead of trying to help her herself. Opal needs her best gal pal now more than ever.

The old JR.
AJ got a lot off of his chest after he found JR’s syringe. He was just a little kid when JR went into his coma, and at the time it happened AJ was with Marissa and Bianca. And then his dad killed Marissa (supposedly) so of course he is scared of JR, no matter how much he loved him and idolized him before all that mess. JR just had excuses for AJ, saying all he wanted was a chance to prove himself. Sorry, but you get that every day. When AJ screamed that he just wanted JR to admit he screwed up, we were right there with him. But did he get that admission? Nope. Just more excuses and assigned blame. AJ needed some Miranda comfort after that but we didn’t get any of that this week. Boo.

After JR’s emotional fight with AJ, it seemed JR has ditched trying to be the good guy for now, and his little peep of Dimitri leaning in for a kiss with Brooke is sure to have repercussions even though it didn’t go anywhere. Colby finally has the scary-faced partner in revenge she’s been looking for since she came back to Pine Valley. Too bad it seems David already got the jump on JR with his possible sizzle reel sabotage.

Adam’s handwriting.
Not that we ever really thought about what Adam’s handwriting looked like before, when it was in our face it was a little weird. We would have figured him for an elegant script kind of guy considering the importance put on penmanship in his generation. The chicken scratch seemed not right.

Slow, slow burn.
Anders and Dixie are still sniffing around each other, but at such a slow rate it's almost a non-starter. Plus, there's the whole Tad business. But the slow-going is true for couples even further down the relationship road than Dixie and Dr. Anders, like Celia and Pete. And Miranda and AJ! The finale is fast approaching and we are kind of wondering when it is going to happen for these young couples. Vote about who you are pulling to see come together the most.

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- Hollie Deese