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"AMC" Rundown for June 10 and 12:

A little more depth was added to the show this week with the addition of more characters and a few new and enhanced storylines.

Both AJ and Miranda encountered changes that could enrich their stories as their lives are built in Pine Valley. Adding a potential love interest for AJ helped build the tension between him and Miranda. Add to that the fact that the person was also a friend of Miranda's and it adds a new layer of complexity to their relationships. The stage may also be set for Miranda to suffer more in the future at the hands of her so-called friends. They may be laughing again at her, probably over Hunter's antics no less. The online bullying story could be played out well and it's preferable that this issue wasn't, if it's not, resolved quickly.

Sex appeal.
Look at what the cat dragged in. Colby threw a wrench into Pete's relationship prospects with Celia. It was just what that storyline needed, not that Pete and Celia are a bad thing, but maybe Celia isn't right for Pete. She's young and very sheltered. A woman who can make a mess of his life could be more entertaining. Colby seemed a bit more like Pete's type. She spices things up, probably a little too much for some, especially in the bedroom. My thoughts are of the typical TV viewers who were already turned off by the swearing. This is not your grandmother's soap opera anymore. Fans of cable TV who watched this scene are likely to find it delish.

Searching for Cassandra.
For a while it was tiring to watch Cassandra being yanked around continually. We know of all the evil things that could and did happen to her and had seen enough. What could make things more interesting in the quest to find her? An air of intrigue was added making us believe there is more to the story. The faked death of Uri and Police Chief Hubbard breaking the law made for some much needed excitement. Can anyone figure out why it is so important for Zach to go to prison to make Uri happy? Lucky for fans, Cassandra's kidnapping wasn't the only crime to be concerned with in Pine Valley. Dixie was quite surprised when she was approached by Billy Clyde Tuggle. It's about time Dixie had another storyline since she seems to be done pining over JR's health. She's a victim of a serious crime for which the criminal will never pay the price because of the statute of limitations. Will she be in danger?

Where are the parents? Miranda seemed to be misplaced without a home and a parent who was MIA all the time. JR at least was around for AJ. Unfortunately, JR started using drugs to speed up his recovery. It will be interesting to see if this could be addicting behavior which could have long-term consequences. Where was Adam? Sure, we understand what a horrible person JR was before he got shot, but heck, he's still someone's son who needs support more than ever right now. Kudos to Cara and AJ for giving JR some thought because Adam and Dixie aren't. JR is trying hard, maybe too hard. He's trying to recover to the physical health he was at five years ago and become a better parent. Take our poll and let us know what JR should consider in regard to his choices.

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- Violette DeSantis