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Actor updates for May 8 – 14.

So many old faces will join the new face of Daytime television when they return to Pine Valley. Mark your calendars.

Matthew Cowles returns as Billy Clyde Tuggle.
This week Pine Valley's bad boy Billy Clyde Tuggle returns. What will Dixie, Jesse and Angie do? Rumor has it this former pimp is now turned escort service entrepreneur. A rose by any other name is still a rose. It seems he didn't die when he fell off that bridge 20 years ago. His plummet ended on a mattress and as fate would have it he will be helping Angie and Jesse Hubbard find Cassandra. Find out which day this week we'll see Billy return in the AMC Comings and Goings.

Susan Lucci considers a return.
In a recent interview Susan Lucci indicated that discussions would be in the works soon to see if Erica Kane could be brought back to Pine Valley in the online reboot. Currently Lucci is about to appear in Marc Cherry's Lifetime production "Devious Maids" and continues to be a part of the Investigation Discovery series "Deadly Affairs." She also made a recent appearance with Alex Trebek ("Jeopardy") in Washington D.C. when several collectibles were donated to a Smithsonian Daytime television exhibit.

Martin Harvey tweets his fan base.
Martin Harvey (Yuri, sex trafficking boss) is receptive to his fans on Twitter. He's enjoying the show and fan support and hopes his character can grow beyond the person we see in the current storyline.

Follow Dixie's Pinterest board.
Cady McClain recently announced on Twitter that Dixie made a Pinterest board featuring great "AMC" moments. Everyone in Pine Valley is web-savvy.

Jason Derulo's upcoming performance.
Another recording artist is scheduled to visit "AMC." Catch Jason Derulo performing his new single, The Other Side, which will be released in September. Derulo recently shared he "had a blast on set" when taping the episode.

Michael Nader rejoins cast.
Dimitri Marick returns to Pine Valley reporting to Chandler Enterprises' new division, Chandler Media, when Brooke English offers him a job. Keep your eye out for his return.

AMC history.
Bianca recently met with Zach for a discussion about Miranda. To add to their worries over what the young teen had been going through, they considered the chance that Miranda may have found out who her father was and how she was conceived. Setting aside all the switched at birth and kidnapping elements of Miranda's early life, being the result of a rape is one family secret she could live without. Miranda was conceived when Bianca Montgomery was raped by Michael Cambias.

More All My Children.
Don't miss the "AMC" recap episode "More All My Children" which aired on Friday, May 10. This episode features discussions with Debbi Morgan (Angie Hubbard), Eric Nelsen (AJ Chandler), Cady McClain (Dixie Cooney Martin) and Julia Rose Barr (Brooke English).

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