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Hottie alert! (Prospect Park)

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Actor updates for March 20 - 25.

More "AMC" reboot news, a few actors busy with new films, one actor turned ordained minister, and will one actress return to the reboot as a popular bad girl? Read on to stay up-to-date with what's happening for your favorite "AMC" stars past and present.

Welcome To The Punch.
Ronald Guttman (ex-Alexander Cambias Sr.) was co-executive producer on "Welcome To The Punch," an action thriller film about a former criminal forced to leave his hideaway in Iceland and return to London when his son is involved in a heist gone wrong. Detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy, "X-Men: First Class") has one last chance to catch the one man who keeps slipping away from him. As the two face-off, they uncover a deeper conspiracy they need to solve in order to survive.

How would you like a celebrity to marry you?
Matthew Borlenghi (ex-Brian Bodine) recently became an ordained minister. He’ll marry you or your friends, he’ll perform baptisms, confessions, same-sex commitment ceremonies, vow renewals, and more. Find out how at Celeb Ceremonies.

Pinkins in Home.
Tonya Pinkins (ex-Livia Frye Cudahy) played Esmin in "Home," which is the dramatic story of Jack, who suffers from a mental illness. Jack's goal is to move out of the group home where he resides, connect with his estranged son, and build a life of his own. The show is now in post-production.

New movie for Amanda Baker:
You remember her as Babe Carey Chandler. Baker recently played Shipley in a new short film "Dig: The Incident at Sumter Plantation" which is about four history grad students who attempt to get to the truth about a tragic 1871 love affair between a plantation owner's daughter and a freed slave.

Jill Larson feelin’ the love.
Not only are fans taking to Twitter to beg the powers that be to write Opal a love story, but in an interview with Glamour, Josh Duhamel (ex-Leo du Pres) gushed to reporter Jessica Radloff, "She is one of my favorite people! Jill is part of the reason that inspired this show that I’m trying to develop. It’s based on my years on 'All My Children' and the contrast with people of who they are on-screen and who they are in real life. And it goes both ways. Some people are despicable on-screen and then the most genuinely kind people off-screen. Jill is one of those people. She’s just the kindest person ever."

Could our resident bad girl Greenlee return?
Rebecca Budig has been approached by Prospect Park to return as Greens. Here is what she said about it on Twitter.

Do you want a return? Vote in our poll!

Fan favorite winds up on Facebook.
Jamie Luner (ex-Liza Colby) tweeted fans to tell them she’s finally on Facebook. You can find and ‘like’ Luner’s Facebook page, reminisce, chat her up, or check out her fantastic ‘Flashback Friday’ photos.

Viva Prospect Park!
Canadian "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" viewers were beside themselves, wondering if they too would be able to view the episodes once they're on Hulu. Find out what Prospect Park is doing to make this happen. AMC and OLTL airing in Canada? Also in the same article, fans will learn whether or not the premiere episode of "All My Children" resumes real time or five years from the last episode.

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On this day in AMC History:
On March 25, 2008, Erica and Carmen broke out of jail and went on the lam with Derek and Samuel searching for them. The ladies crashed the van they made their escape in and wound up taking shelter at a nearby farmhouse. Erica feigned sleep and waited for Carmen to fall asleep before she reached for her gun...

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Photo of Robert Scott Wilson and Jill Larson courtesy of Prospect Park.

- Christine Fix