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Jill Larson (ABC)

In the span of a week All My Children's Jill Larson (Opal Cortlandt) has opened not one but two independent films! That is practically unheard of in the industry. had the chance to catch up with Jill to talk about the film roles – and what is in the future for her Pine Valley alter ego!

First, though, here are the details: The first movie is called "Were The World Mine"; it focuses on the life of a gay, teenage boy at a boarding school. The drama department begins casting for the Shakespeare classic "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream" and the boy, Timothy, wins the lead role of Puck. Well, things get crazy from there because Timothy soon learns of a magic potion which makes the school's soccer star fall in love with him! Other same-sex love matches follow, and a little bit of chaos ensues!

"It's this charming, heartfelt movie. It's really anyone's fantasy - what would happen if you had the power to make anyone you wanted fall in love with you. The whole cast starts falling in love. And everybody grows from the experience."

Jill plays the snippy headmaster's wife and Timothy's mother's boss! Along the way, she falls for Timothy's mom.

"My character is kind of a cross between Mary Kay who owns and operate Mary Kay Cosmetics and Tammy Faye Bakker! Needless to say I've had a wonderful time working on this part. It was great fun! You know, when you play the same character for so many years you become part of the character in some ways! I shudder to think that but it's true! The excitement of tackling another character and in another environment is so new and challenging and exciting."

What's more, Jill not only opened one film, she opened two! Back in 2007, Jill filmed "The Living Wake", which opened at the Big Apple Film Festival the same week that "Were The World Mine" opened! And, she wasn't the lone AMC star! Matthew Cowles (ex-Billy Ray Tuggle) also appears in the film! Jill says both roles were similar and allowed her to stretch her acting wings a bit.

"Both are judgmental, tight-lipped women who are hard. In "A Living Wake" I play the mother of the lead character, who is kind of screw-ball and he learns he is dying at a specific time. He, then, goes to everyone and invites them to his living wake; when he comes to my character, she doesn't believe him."

The film won the "Best Feature Film" award at the Big Apple Film Festival.

"Were The World Mine" has been named the "Official Selection" in more than 75 international film festivals, has won 12 "Jury Awards" and was chosen as the "Audience Award" nine times! Wow! For a listing of showtimes and cities around the U.S., click here.

You can watch the trailer for the film here.

Our chat with Jill didn't end there, fans! Jill and I chatted about the character of Opal and what the future holds. That portion of the interview will be posted in a few days.

Kristina Knight