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Laura Koffman (Peter Hurley)

Recently, had the chance to catch up with All My Children newcomer Laura Koffman (Rebecca). You can read that article here; in addition to talking about her new role, Laura chatted about ways to help the environment.

Here is the rest of our chat. "It seems as if everyone is trying to help the environment. What are you doing to 'Go Green'?"

Laura Koffman: "You have asked the perfect person! First, anyone who lives in New York City, this is the #1 Green City; there are so many options! I own bicycles and I ride around the City all the time. I'm also a Recycle Queen and I've been taking my own bags to grocery stores for years. And then I have thermoses for the kids and use cloth napkins. I have little plastic containers to pack lunches and I use glass in my pantry. I walk my children to school and at school they are really into recycling. We donate all of our extra clothes and shoes and toys." "Tell us more about your bikes – that sounds like fun!"

Laura: "I bought a bike in Denmark; it's actually the only thing I ever bought that I told my husband 'I have to have that – now!'. It was a great bike and a company here called Transportation Alternatives just bought it from me. It was time for a new bike! I rode that bike with my kids for years and I loved it!"

For a few more green living tips, click here. "Tell us a little bit about the time you spent away from acting."

Laura: "I had two kids so that took up a great deal of time! My son is 9 1/2 and my daughter is 7. When they were very young, I did a play off, off, off, off Broadway; it was about 6 months and then I renovated an apartment and sold it and had my daughter. Last year, got back into acting by doing another play "The Rise of Dorothy Hale". "Has it been nice to put those acting shoes back on?"

Laura: "Yes! Especially on soaps. It is so familiar to be in the studio, I knew some of the hair and makeup people and I know about 12 people on the crew (from One Life To Live). So, I'm in front of some of the same men and women I knew before, but there is this character I don't know and actors I don't know." "What was the deciding factor in coming back to a soap opera?"

Laura: "When Julie (Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer of AMC) told me the story about this woman who loved this man so much that she gave him back to the woman he needed to be with, I just got goose-pimples! I couldn't have asked for a better role right now in my life. I couldn’t have done it as a younger actor." – and the fans! – are certainly glad you came you came to Pine Valley, Laura! Good luck with the role!

Kristina Knight