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Guilty. (

A troubled history.

Ross Chandler was born to Adam Chandler's sister Lottie. His father, Pete Cooney had gone off to war, unaware Lottie was pregnant. Adam swore revenge after Lottie killed herself and turned young Ross against Pete, who eventually became Palmer Cortlandt.

In 1985, Ross came to Pine Valley and despite Adam's influence, got along with his father. However, when Ross' ex-wife Cynthia moved into the mansion with their son, she became involved with and married Palmer. That didn't stop their connection though as Cynthia and Ross slept together, even though he was also married to Ellen Dalton.

Ross' marriage survived his affair and the couple adopted teenager Julie Rand. Their happiness was shortlived as Ellen began helping her ex-husband Mark Dalton with his drug habit and Ross became enamored with Palmer's nurse Natalie Marlowe. Ross and Natalie started having an affair, but she eventually got engaged to Palmer. An obsessed Ross didn't take the news too well and raped her in her room at the mansion.

He was tried in court and almost got off due to his insistence that former wild child Natalie consented. However, someone heard what went down that night and convinced Ross to confess the truth. He did and was sent to prison.

After the troubled Chandler/Cortlandt was released, he did his best to mend fences with those he wronged. However, he felt there was nothing left for him there and left Pine Valley in 1990.

Who knew the truth about Ross and Natalie and convinced Ross to confess? Vote in our poll and fill in any blanks about Ross in the comments below.

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- Lori Wilson