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It's been a year since Amanda Baker changed the role of Babe Carey Chandler forever. recently had the chance to catch up with Amanda to chat about the past year and what the future holds now for Babe - and her extended Chandler and Carey families!

You can read past interviews with Amanda here. "You've been on the show a year now … tell us how life has changed."

Amanda Baker: "It's been awesome! I always wanted to live in New York City, so that was a dream come true! Once I got here and got settled, it was just awesome. New York has so much culture, and I have been able to grow as a person, just living here by the Hudson River and growing as an actor. It's good that you can be given a script and learn 40 pages and feel comfortable with that. You get to know so much about the character that you don't question things, you just do it instantaneously." "When you came into the role, Alexa (Havins, ex-Babe) had - literally - just left. Was it hard at all to take on a role that so many fans associate with another actress?"

Amanda Baker: "It was. I fortunately had the opportunity to work with her on her last day, which was my first day. It was kind of bittersweet but when you go into a character who as been established by another actor, it's hard to take on. You want everybody to love you but a lot of people don't like change. In time, though, people get used to it." "Babe has grown a lot in the past year. Do you like the differences in Babe?"

Amanda: "I do! I think that she has become a lot more responsible. She's definitely made some changes within herself, become more mature. At one point in time, especially with JR, a lot of her choices were careless and she thought too much with her heart. I think that is why she has finally fallen back in love with JR - and changed him for the better as well." "Tell us about working with Bobbie Eakes (Krystal), Jacob Young (JR) and David Canary (Adam)."

Amanda: "David Canary is a Daytime legend. He is amazing! You get on set with him and you see why he's been nominated for so many Emmy's and won so many. He's a riot; to watch him go from David to Adam in a second is amazing to watch! Bobbie, she is a Southerner like me so we bonded very, very quickly. She's so easy to talk to and we laugh a lot. Jacob and I have grown very close because, with an on-screen love interest, you have to be good friends. He's the jokester of the group." "Jacob's also going to be a parent very soon…"

Amanda: "He's always been so good with the kids. They warm up to him so quickly. He's going to be a great dad! He's getting a little nervous but he's ready, you know? Whatever he decides to take on, he's ready!" "On the show, JR just proposed to Babe. Is this renewed romance a fun storyline to play out? Or would you rather focus on Babe's business sense and the Fusion takeover?"

Amanda: "It's nice to have both because, in anybody's life, you have both. In order for them to hone in on what's going on in Babe's life, it has to be personal, too. [JR and Babe have] finally reached a point where they can be in love and she knows that this is the man she will always love." "Can you give us a few teasers about what is coming up for Babe?"

Amanda: "Look out for the romance! Babe and JR are moving forward and there will be complications. Pay attention to Fusion with the perfume - lots of drama there! Within the whole town there is a lot of drama." "Vincent Irizarry is returning as David in a few weeks. Are you excited about working with him?"

Amanda: "Yes! I hear that he is an amazing actor! Knowing that he's coming back is very exciting." "Since the announcement that Vincent was coming back as David and a few characters might be killed off in a tornado, rumors have been floating around that Babe could be a casualty…can you confirm/deny that rumor?"

Amanda: "It's always kind of up in the air as far as those [storyline] things are concerned but David is coming back for a number of reasons! That's all I can say!"

Well, fans, it looks like we're going to have to stay tuned!

We'll have more of Amanda's question and answer session in a few days. Amanda will tell us what she does to "go green" and just how she survives those long days on the set!

Kristi Knight