All My Children Throwback Thursday Poll: Maureen Gorman image

Familiar face. (

DNA match.

Maria Santos came to Pine Valley in 1993 and eventually fell in love with Edmund Grey. Maria and Edmund married and adopted Sam when they thought Maria was unable to have children. However, after a one night stand with her brother-in-law Dimitri Marick, she became pregnant with Maddie.

After Erica kidnapped and tried to pass Maddie off as her adopted child from Russia, Maria and Edmund were reunited with their child. Sadly their happiness didn't last long as Maria was presumed dead after a plane crash.

In 2002, a resident of Pine Valley needed a liver transplant. A woman living in Nevada going by the name Maureen Gorman turned up as a match. Brooke and Tad tracked her down and she was eventually revealed to be a very much alive Maria Santos Grey.

Do you remember who needed the liver transplant? Vote below and feel free to share your recollection of Maria's storyline.

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- Lori Wilson