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Seeing double.

Adam and Stuart may be "All My Children's" most famous set of twins, but there were several other look-a-likes roaming around Pine Valley over the years. Keep reading for a refresher on the twins and doppelgangers of Pine Valley's past.

Kitty Shea & Kelly Cole (Francesca James):

Kitty was a dance teacher and one of Nick Davis' ex-wives. She died of a brain tumor while married to Linc Tyler. After some time, her twin sister Kelly Cole married Kitty's husband Linc.

Cindy Parker/Karen Parker (Ellen Wheeler):
Cindy was the good twin who contracted AIDS from her drug using former husband. She fell in love with Stuart and they married before her death. Karen was her evil twin sister, who kidnapped baby JR, demanding $1 million dollars in ransom.

Mary Frances "Frankie" Stone/Maggie Stone (Elizabeth Hendrickson):
Bianca fell for runaway Frankie, who was a bit of a rebel. Frankie broke Bianca's heart when she hooked up with JR. Frankie's twin sister Maggie came to town after Frankie was murdered. Maggie reconnected with her Aunt Vanessa Bennett and cousins Leo du Pres and David Hayward and, like her sister, befriended Bianca. After an abusive relationship with Jonathan, she left with Bianca for Paris, where the two became a couple.

Natalie Marlowe/Janet "From Another Planet" Green (Kate Collins/Robin Mattson):
Natalie Marlowe came to Pine Valley a gold digger who was married to Alex Hunter, but in love with his son Jeremy. She eventually fell for Trevor Dillon, but was thrown down a well by her twin sister Janet, who took over her life. Janet became pregnant with Trevor's child Amanda while pretending to be Natalie. Natalie was eventually rescued and Janet went to prison. Natalie married Trevor, but she died after a car wreck. Meanwhile, Janet had plastic surgery while in prison and was released. She fooled Trevor into falling in love with her, but her true identity was revealed just as they were about to be married. After some time, Janet broke Trevor down and he fell in love with her. They eventually moved to Colorado and were happy for awhile, until Janet snapped and Trevor ended up dead in a freezer.

Tad Martin/Ted Orsini (Michael E. Knight):
After Tad fell from a bridge into a river while fighting with Billy Clyde, he was presumed dead. However, he was actually living with amnesia in California believing he was vineyard owner Ted Orsini. It seemed he looked exactly like the real Ted Orsini, who had been kidnapped as a child. Brooke discovered Tad and helped him get his memory back. Once he did, Tad reunited with Dixie, but the real Ted Orsini had come to town. Tad wanted to help him figure out who he really was, but Ted had more dastardly plans in mind, as he wanted Dixie for himself. Ted tried to kill Tad on a hunting trip, but Dixie was on to him and saved Tad. Ted later disappeared.

Jesse Hubbard /Jacob Foster (Darnell Williams):

Jesse and Angie Hubbard are one of the great soap opera couples, but their love story was interrupted when Jesse died from a gunshot wound in the late 80s. Angie eventually moved to "Loving's" Corinth, Pennsylvania and met Jacob Foster who looked exactly like Jesse. The two grew close, but Angie resisted getting involved with him at first. However, Jacob wore her down and the two fell in love and moved to New York City for "The City." They married and adopted Cassandra, but that union didn't last. To the delight of many, Jesse eventually emerged alive back in Pine Valley to reunite with Angie.

Erica Kane/Jane Campbell (Susan Lucci):
Erica was kidnapped just as she was about to marry Jack again in St. Barts. Her captor was Jane Campbell, who had plastic surgery to look just like La Kane. Jane tried to take over Erica's life, but found it overwhelming. She feared getting too intimate with Jack, since she was a virgin, and took David Hayward, who discovered who she really was, as her first lover. She fell in love with David, but was crushed when she overheard him profess his love to Greenlee. Jane realized it was time to let Erica get back to her own life. Erica agreed not to press charges and Jane left with her henchman, Ben, who became Erica's confidant throughout her ordeal.

Adam Chandler/Stuart Chandler (David Canary):

Setting the standard for soap opera twindom, the Chandler brothers were part of Pine Valley for almost 30 years. Adam was the conniving, ruthless businessman, while Stuart was his simple, good-hearted opposite. Stuart often served as his brother's conscience and the two switched places from time to time. Things took a tragic turn though when Stuart was accidentally shot and killed by a drugged up Adam. Adam was obviously devastated, but it was revealed a couple of years later that David Hayward had been keeping Stuart alive via Project Orpheus. Although still breathing, Stuart was in dire straits and didn’t make a full recovery until his brother Adam was at his side.

What else do you remember about Pine Valley's infamous twins? Feel free to reminisce and fill in any blanks below.

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- Lori Wilson