All My Children Throwback Thursday Poll: Erica's Abortion image

Controversy in the 1970s on one of our favorite soaps.

In 1973, "All My Children's" Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) was the first TV character to have a legal abortion. It was the same year as the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade ruling, so it was a controversial storyline to say the least. "All My Children" protected themselves against the controversy by writing in that Erica mentally blocked the abortion, even thinking for a while that she miscarried. Erica would tipify free choice.

It played out while Erica was married to a character played by Charles Frank, but bored with domestic life. She had just started her modeling career when she became pregnant and decided to secretly terminate her pregnancy so that she could carry on with her career, something many would have frowned upon back then.

When Erica's husband discovered what she had done, he was furious. She didn't even talk this over with him. The couple tried to make their marriage work, however, Erica began to get close with her agent Jason Maxwell, and one thing led to another and her marriage ended.

Years later, many fans were outraged when the landmark storyline was reversed. It was 2005 when the head writer, Megan McTavish rewrote the story to have Dr. Greg Madden (Ian Buchanan) transplanting the aborted fetus into his own infertile wife. They raised Erica's child and when Josh Madden, originally played by Scott Kinworthy, came to town, it was eventually revealed to be the child Erica thought she had aborted.

Regardless of how the groundbreaking story played out, do you remember who Erica was married to at the time of the supposed abortion? Vote below and feel free to discuss the strange twists and turns the story took in the comments.

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- Lori Wilson

Refreshed October 7, 2016 by Christine Fix