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All My Children Fan Fiction.

I admit it ─ I just can’t let go of "All My Children". Even though the finale was months ago, I still hold out hope for a resurrection somehow, someway. But until that day comes, we’ll just have to remember the way things were, and imagine how things might have been. And when Erica’s imposter Jane Campbell came to town, it was a little surprising that she never weaseled her way into Jackson’s bed while Erica was squirreled away with Ben. But what if things went down differently and Jane had consummated that relationship? Erica’s return would have been dicey to say the least.


Jane rolled over and couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across her face. Right here, right next to her in bed was Jackson Montgomery. The Jackson Montgomery, and he was all hers ─ and had been all night.

"Good morning," he said with a smile, his eyes crinkling in that way that made her melt all over again. He reached out to brush some hair from her cheek.

"Good morning," she said back, and snuggled in close, ducking her head to tuck it under his chin. She let herself remember the night before, beginning when the two of them met for a quiet dinner at Confusion. They indulged in some amazing wine and the conversation simply flowed. Jackson seemed eager for some attention, and Jane was more than happy to give it to him. She laughed at his jokes and rested her hand on his leg under the table. Soon, they had both been ready to head home.

She wrapped her arms around his back and looked up into his face. She leaned in for a kiss and it wasn’t long before things were getting very serious again. She could really get used to life as Erica Kane. She let herself get lost in Jack’s arms, not feeling one bit bad for her doppelganger. She didn’t appreciate Jackson anyway. He deserved a woman who revolved her life around him, not someone like Erica who could never put her own needs aside and love him like he needed.

Eventually, through the haze they had created, they both began to realize there was someone pounding on the door, yelling loud enough for the world to hear. Jane’s heart stopped as she locked eyes with Jackson. There was no mistaking that voice, and she could see in his eyes the confusion. But how could it be possible?

Jackson leapt from the bed and pulled the sheets around his waist. He threw open the door and Jane’s worst nightmare was right there, standing on the other side. Her bubble burst and she knew she would have to fight. What she and Jackson just shared was more than she could have hoped and she knows he felt it too. She steeled herself and stood up. She was ready to do anything to keep her man.

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- Hollie Deese