Hard to say goodbye.

In October 2002, Leo met his presumed death, while trying to save his new wife Greenlee from his mother Vanessa, a.k.a. drug lord Proteus. Pleading insanity for her crimes, Vanessa spent a stint in the psych ward and she slipped into a coma. When she woke up, she started calling herself Nessa, who was a gentler, kinder version of Leo's mother.

While Vanessa was pretending to have a nice split personality, Greenlee never trusted her. It turned out she was right to be skeptical, as Vanessa returned and kidnapped her daughter-in-law, just as Greenlee and Leo were to leave for Paris and live happily ever after.

Vanessa took Greenlee to Miller's Falls and demanded Leo find the diamonds she coveted in exchange for his bride. Leo complied, but Vanessa wouldn't let Greenlee go. A struggle for Vanessa's gun ensued leading Leo and Vanessa to go over the falls. Leo's body was never found.

Even though Greenlee would dream of Leo many years later, giving fans a long awaited reconciliation of sorts, their love story ended here. Relive the tragic end to one of "All My Children's" great love stories.

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- Lori Wilson