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Last fall we took a look at "All My Children's" Erica Kane's many husbands. Since he's been married at least as many times as his ex-wife La Kane, figured we'd reminisce about the many wives of Adam Chandler. As to be expected, his many unions were filled with manipulations, betrayal, several pregnancies and even some love.

Althea Patterson:

Althea was Adam's first wife. Despite them raising Skye together, Adam left when she was a child.

Erica Kane:
Adam was producing the film adaptation of Erica's biography "Raising Kane" and offered her the lead role if she married him. She of course accepted, but Adam cast someone else in the role and Erica eventually left Adam for her real love Mike Roy. Years later, Adam informed Erica they were never divorced and blackmailed her into having another wedding ceremony. Erica fell in love with Dimitri Marick at this time and Adam eventually gave Erica a real divorce.

Brooke English:
Adam moved on to Brooke and the two fell in love and married. However, when Adam believed Brooke couldn't have children, he began having an affair with Dixie Cooney in order to produce an heir, which they did in the form of JR. When Brooke learned of Adam's infidelity, they divorced.

Dixie Cooney:

With plans to take JR for himself, Adam swept Dixie off her feet and married her. He then convinced her she was losing her mind and had her committed to a mental institution. Lucky for Dixie, Tad figured out Adam's scheme, rescued her and helped her regain custody of JR. Dixie divorced Adam and married Tad.

Natalie Marlowe:
Broke, courtesy of his life long nemesis Palmer Cortlandt, Adam married Natalie for her money. Of course, she was truly in love with Trevor Dillon and when she learned of Adam's manipulations, divorced him and went back to the love of her life.

Gloria Marsh:
Adam's next wife was first involved with his brother Stuart. However, Adam fell for her and eventually won her over. They married, but when Adam had an accident, leaving him paralyzed, Gloria turned to Alec McIntyre. Adam and Gloria stayed together, but Adam faked his own kidnapping to see if she would run back to Alec. Gloria left Adam when she found out about his ruse, but they soon discovered she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she lost the baby. Gloria snapped and, blaming Adam for the death of their child, tried to kill him by poisoning his food. Brooke discovered what she was up to and Gloria was shipped off to a mental hospital. After she recovered, the two broke up for good.

Liza Colby:
Adam and Liza became engaged in an attempt to make Brooke and Tad jealous respectively. Even though neither Tad nor Broke stopped the wedding as hoped, Liza went through with it in order to get her hands on Adam's money. Once married though, Liza actually fell in love with Adam. Their happiness was short lived, as she blamed him for the loss of their unborn baby and divorced him. Liza decided she still wanted to have a child and Jake Martin offered to father the baby through artificial insemination. Adam found out and replaced Jake's sperm with his own. Liza became pregnant and reconciled with Adam. The truth about her daughter Colby's paternity came out and Liza once again left Adam. After some time, they made a third attempt at marriage, but when Adam made her think she had a brain tumor, as well as some cheating mixed in, they divorced for a third time.

Arlene Vaughan:
Believing Stuart was dead and he was responsible, Adam married Hayley's mother, the drunken Arlene, in order to alienate those close to him as a form of self punishment. In return, Arlene received a nice chunk of change. The Arlene effect worked, but Stuart was soon revealed to be alive, which Arlene knew about. Arlene also got pregnant by Adam, but miscarried. Naturally, Adam divorced her.

Krystal Carey:
In an attempt to out Di Henry, who was impersonating the thought to be deceased Dixie, Krystal accompanied Adam to West Virginia. While there, they got drunk and got hitched. Once sober, Krystal decided to stay married to Adam in order to help Babe see more of her son Little Adam. Like any good soap story, Krystal and Adam eventually fell in love. Despite her real feelings for Adam, Krystal had a one night stand with Tad and became pregnant. When Adam found out Krystal's baby was Tad's, his despicable colors came out and they split up.

Annie Novak:

After Annie took care of Adam the night Stuart died, he arranged for her to stay with him during her house arrest for killing her brother Richie and various other shenanigans. They grew close and married when Annie said she was pregnant. She faked a miscarriage, but learned she was pregnant for real. Sadly, she also suffered a real miscarriage. Although Adam grew suspicious of his nephew Scott's relationship with Annie, their marriage ended when Adam caught his bride in bed with his son JR. That discovery freed him up to ride off into the sunset with Brooke English.

What else do you remember about Adam's many marriages? Feel free to fill in the blanks below.

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- Lori Wilson