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All My Children Fan Fiction

When the "All My Children" series finale aired on September 23, 2011, there was still hope that the mother of all cliffhangers was going to be revisited online just a few months later. After all, a gunshot rang out as the lights went down on the show ─ and the entire town of Pine Valley ─ without a hint of who might have been on the receiving end. But now that the Prospect Park deal and move to online is suspended, it is up to us to imagine who took the fall, and assume JR is the one who pulled the trigger. And with Erica the last one in motion as she ran after Jackson, it is easy to think she walked in the path, intended target or not. What if JR shot Erica?

"I wish you the best of luck in L.A. and with the rest of your life, without me." Jackson says after Erica finally reveals she never wants to be married again. She begs him to stay with her, to support her. "I need you," she cries. "Frankly Erica, I don’t give a damn what you need."

JR seethes with anger behind the walls of the Chandler Mansion, and as Erica chases after Jackson a shot rings out. Erica drops to the floor, a bullet lodged in her chest, and screams out for Jack one last time. She is immediately surrounded by Opal, Angie and Jackson, who has run back inside. Bianca and Kendall race to their mother, and Zach and Marissa are right there with them, holding them back so Angie can do her work. Jesse is immediately looking for the gunman but JR is already on the move, weaving his way through the walls and out of the house. He still has the gun and is gone into the night before anyone sees him.

The whole room is in shock as Jackson pleads with Erica to come back to him, to not give up. She looks up at him and locks eyes with him. Of all her husbands, he was her one true love. She knows she has to tell him that, right now. She reaches up to his face and he grabs her hand, kisses it and presses it against her heart.

Meanwhile Angie is working on Erica, calling for towels to stop the bleeding while Ryan is on the phone with 911. Greenlee returns with the towels and hands them to Angie, who is now being assisted by Jake. But Erica and Jackson are in their own world because they both now this is the end of what they had, once and for all.

Suddenly, Angie stops working. Erica goes limp, but Jackson refuses to drop her hand. There is nothing more Angie can do, and she looks over to Bianca, who grabs onto Kendall as they both drop to the floor. Other than the two of them crying, silence descends the room as the enormity of what happened sinks in for everyone. Dixie grabs on to Tad and Amanda drops down to throw her arms around Jake. Bianca and Kendall cling to each other, tears running down their faces, as Jackson lets out a wail. Erica Kane is truly dead.

In the woods behind Chandler Mansion, JR stops. He hears Jack and knows without a doubt the shot he intended for Marissa had missed its mark. He knew it the minute he saw Erica start to chase after Jack and right into the path of his bullet. JR drops to his knees and his heart pounds in his ears. He thinks of his son. He knows any chance he had of gaining custody of AJ disappeared with Erica’s death. He looks down at his gun and knows what he has to do.

So what do you think happens next?

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- Hollie Deese