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The happiest days of her life?

In anticipation of All My Children ending its 41-year network run before migrating online, is taking a look back at the many characters and relationships we've enjoyed along the way. Our latest subject is none other than Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and her many husbands.

Erica Kane has been a fixture in Pine Valley since "All My Children" first went on the air in 1970. She's certainly had no shortage of men to choose from during the past several decades as evidenced by the many trips she's taken to the altar. The actual number of husbands she's had is often a question of debate since a few of the marriages were invalid, but her penchant for getting married has become soap opera lore since there's been at least 10 weddings.

Erica's first trip down the aisle was to Dr. Jeff Martin (Charles Frank) in 1971. Of course, being a doctor's wife was too mundane for her, so she divorced Jeff after having the first ever legal abortion on a fictional TV series.

Phil Brent (Nick Benedict) was Erica's next victim. They married in 1975, but after a miscarriage and a nervous breakdown on Erica's part, they separated and Phil reunited with former love Tara (Karen Lynn Gorney).

Next up was Tom Cudahy (Richard Shoberg). They married in 1978, but things started to unravel when he caught her in several lies. They divorced shortly after he discovered she was taking birth control pills, despite her claims of wanting children.

After Tom, Erica married Adam Chandler (David Canary) in 1984 in order to play herself in the movie of her life. However, she was still in love with Mike Roy and even married him when she thought Adam was dead. When Adam was revealed to be alive, Erica chose to be with Mike, but he was shot and killed before they could make their marriage official. Her second union to Adam in 1991 was a result of blackmail after Adam revealed their marriage never legally ended.

In between weddings to Adam, Erica married Travis Montgomery (Larkin Malloy) twice. They wed the first time after she became pregnant in 1988 and the second in 1990 for the sake of their daughter Bianca (now played by Christina Bennett Lind). They divorced after Erica had an affair with his brother Jack (Walt Willey).

Erica's next set of weddings were to Count Dimitri Marick (Michael Nader). Their first union in 1993 crumbled under the weight of her bitter long lost daughter Kendall (then played by Sarah Michelle Gellar). Their second attempt at marital bliss in 1994 fell apart due to Erica's drug addiction.

After many years, it seemed like Erica had finally found her happiness with Jack Montgomery. They wed in 2005, but divorced in 2007 after they both had affairs. They've since reunited and are now engaged. Will there be yet another wedding for La Kane?

Which Mr. Erica Kane was your favorite? Vote and comment below.

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