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Get ready for another new face on the canvas of Pine Valley! has learned that after two years playing the role of Colby Chandler, Ambyr Childers is leaving the show!

The actress announced the move on her blog a few days ago.

On her official blog, Ambyr wrote, "Due to other opportunities that have come quickly into my life, I will no longer be playing Colby Chandler on All My Children. This decision took heartfelt consideration and after weighing my options as an actress, the decision seemed to become more apparent to move on within my career." You can read more about her decision on Ambyr's blog here.

Ambyr has played Colby since 2006 when the teen showed up in Pine Valley and promptly stole a car!

In addition to playing Colby, Ambyr was featured in the film "Dickie Roberts: Child Star" and has appeared in several national commercial campaigns. She said on her blog that she was leaving the show to pursue other opportunities.

Rumor has it that Colby will be rapidly aged to that the writers can take advantage of the sparks between Colby and Frankie Hubbard. Colby, originally born in 1999, has had a crush on Frankie since their first meeting. However, Frankie, born in 1984, has seen Colby as a kid. By rapidly the aging the character of Colby, the writers can create a relationship filled with family drama because of their fathers (Adam Chandler and Jesse Hubbard).

What exactly will happen with the character of Colby and the rumored romance with Frankie Hubbard remains to be seen. As we say in soapland, nothing is official until you see it on-screen.

This will be the second rapid aging for Colby, who reappeared on the Pine Valley scene as a rebellious teenager in 2006. How Ambyr will leave the role and how Brianne will take over the role has not been announced.

Brianne Moncrief will take over the role. Brianne is best known for a short-term role on the HBO series "The Sopranos". Her first airdate is schedule for May 7, 2008. wishes Ambyr the best of luck with her future endeavors and we welcome Brianne Moncrief to the show!