Dr. David Hayward Leaving AMC? image


Sorry girls, Dr. David is on his way out. While not the most romantic and emotional character on AMC, Dr. Hayward played by Vincent Irizzary certainly is oooh so sexy.

Soaps.com has learned that within the next couple of months, Vincent Irizarry is leaving AMC. His exit from All My Children was recently confirmed on Mr. Irizzary's official website. Budgetary reasons are certainly behind the decision to release Mr. Irizarry as his character has had little on-screen time for some months now. Soaps.com will be following Mr. Irizarry's future and where he may land his next role.

Vincent previously starred in Guiding Light portraying Nick Spaulding between 1992 � 1996 and also portrayed Gino Santangelo on the critically acclaimed mini-series Lucky & Chances by author Jackie Collins. You can find Mr. Irizarry displayed on the front cover of the book "Chances" and he was as gorgeous then as he is now. We wish him all the success in his future endeavors.