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Big congratulations go out today to All My Children's Alicia Minshew, Kendall, who became engaged!!

Alicia's boyfriend of three years, Richie Hersch proposed in December. According to Alicia it was a very surprising evening!

She says she had just finished taping as especially hard day on the set (it was a day of last scenes with Sabine Singh, who leaves the role of Greenlee next month) and she came home to find Richie in the kitchen.

"He asked me to check the Christmas tree to see if it needed water. I said, 'Uh, okay, lazy!'," she said. That is when she saw a big red bow with a Tiffany bracelet hanging from the tree! A charm on the bracelet was engraved 'Will you marry me, sweet Lish?'!

Isn't that too sweet?

Alicia says she couldn't believe he had proposed. Richie got the ring out of a kitchen cabinet (the perfect hiding place since Alicia doesn't cook!) and proposed for real. And, of course, Alicia accepted.

No wedding date has been announced, but we'll keep you posted on the happenings.

And a huge congratulations goes out to the happy couple from We wish you all the best!