AMC's Susan Lucci Gets Flooded! image


A New York restaurant owner rescued a couple August 31, 2006 Thursday evening and was quite surprised! The couple was in the Hamptons when their Mercedes convertible became quickly swamped in about 3 feet of water during a storm when they were traveling down Route 104. Other cars had passed them right by but the NY Restaurant owner Mr. Degel decided to assist them to safety.

The couple looked extremely frightened and their electrical system wasn't working. He told the driver he would help get his wife out first and then come and help him.
When he went to the wife's side, she was climbing out the window and the damsel in distress was none other than the wonderful Susan Lucci. He threw her over his shoulder and carried her to safety and then proceeded to help Chef Helmut Huber over to Degel's vehicle � a Range Rover. Degel told the press that "not too many people can say they've picked up Susan Lucci" adding that the couple was very grateful and thankful for the rescue. Maybe next time, other motorist will think twice before passing people by that are in need of help.