Wes/Richie Novak (as played by Billy Miller on All My Children)

Useful information about Wes/Richie Novak

*Wes works as a bartender at The Comeback.
*Wes is really Richie Novak, Annie's brother!
*Richie stole JR Chandler's bone marrow.
*Richie kidnapped Babe Chandler.
*Richie was beaten up by Zach Slater.
*Richie blackmailed Annie into giving him money.
*In a rage, Richie was killed by Annie; his ghost haunted her for several weeks.

Who's played Wes/Richie Novak over the years?

Billy Miller (August 2007 - August 2008)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: bartender

Past History

Wes arrived in Pine Valley in 2007 and took a job at Krystal's new bar The Comeback. He immediately felt an attraction to Babe. Using that attraction, he began using Babe to get information about Pine Valley residents - specifically Annie Lavery. As Annie was being stalked by her unknown brother, it was learned that Wes is really Richie Novak!

Babe continued to defend Richie, even after learning that he was Annie's crazy brother. This gave him entrance into Pine Valley.

While trying to get rid of JR by stealing his car, Richie ran over Zach Slater and left him to die on the road. When a search for Zach began, Richie joined in. He found Zach and Greenlee Smythe in a bomb shelter but rather than trying to save them, Richie locked them in. Weeks later and near death, Aidan and Kendall found them. No one learned that Richie was behind the disappearance.

Richie soon learned that he had leukemia and that the only bone marrow donor was JR Chandler. Rather than asking JR to be the donor, Richie had him kidnapped and paid a doctor to steal JR's bone marrow. He tried to kill JR but JR escaped and made it to Pine Valley Hospital where the doctor's saved his life.

Zach finally put two and two together and figured out that Richie was the one who locked him in the bomb shelter when he overheard Richie in the Pine Valley Hospital. Zach had Richie arrested and then paid off a guard so he could beat Richie up. Richie was released on bail - paid by his sister Annie - and continued to wreak havoc on Pine Valley. He blackmailed Annie into paying his bail, saying he would tell Ryan about her pregnancy plans if she didn't pay up. Then, he kidnapped Babe so that he could convince her he loved her.

Greenlee and Kendall managed to find Richie and Babe at a secluded cabin just in time but when they weren't looking, Annie helped him escape. In the car on the way back to Pine Valley, Richie and Annie argued. Richie threatened to expose her again and while he was changing a tire on the car, she hit him with a tire iron, killing him.

Colby Chandler, Cassandra Foster and Dre Woods happened by soon after but they didn't see Richie's body in the road. They hit the body but kept on driving.

Richie's ghost began haunting Annie, trying to get her to admit what she did. Annie never admitted her guilt and Richie's ghost eventually left her alone.

Flings and Relationships

Babe Carey Chandler


Walter Novak (father)
Annie McDermott Lavery (sister)
Emma McDermott (neice)