Reese Williams (as played by Tamara Braun on All My Children)

Useful information about Reese Williams

* Reese is dating Bianca Montgomery.
* She is a successful architect.
* She and Bianca have a daughter, Gabrielle.
* Her family ostracized her when she came out.

Who's played Reese Williams over the years?

Tamara Braun (October 30, 2008 - present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Architect

Past History

Reese Williams arrived in Pine Valley soon after a tornado struck town. She followed lover Bianca Montgomery after she left Paris, where Reese and Binks were living together. She and Bianca had convinced Zach to be their sperm donor so they could have a family; Binks gave birth to Gabrielle in Pine Valley. Reese proposed to Bianca and she accepted.

Reese was troubled and finally admitted to Binks that her family ostracized her after she came out; Bianca wanted to talk to her family but Reese told her not to. To keep her hurt from Bianca, Reese turned to Zach for support.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

Bianca Montgomery (engaged)


Forrest Williams (father)


Gabrielle Williams Montgomery (daughter with Bianca; Zach donated his sperm)